Power Line Communication: Things to Know About Narrowband PLC


PLC or Power Line Communication is an interaction innovation that allows sending out information over the existing power line. This suggests that, with power cables running to an electronic tool, for instance, one can both power it up as well as at the same time control/retrieve information from it in a half-duplex way.

PLC Market: Review


For the purpose of understanding, PLC can be extensively deemed:

  • Narrowband PLC
  • Broadband PLC

The Narrowband PLC operates at reduced frequencies, such as 3-500 kHz, reduced information prices up to 100s of kbps, as well as has a longer array, as much as a number of kilometers, which can be prolonged utilizing repeaters. Broadband PLC operates at higher regularities, i.e., 1.8-250 MHz, high data rates, approximately 100s of Mbps, and also is utilized in shorter-range applications.

Lately, narrowband Power Line Communication has been getting prevalent interest because of its applications inside the Smart Grid. One other application utilized by narrowband PLC is utilized in smart power generation, particularly in micro-inverters for solar panels. Broadband PLC, on the other hand, has generally discovered acceptance as a last-mile solution for web distribution as well as residence networking. With its high data prices and no additional electrical wiring, broadband PLC is viewed as an exciting and reliable technology for multimedia distribution within residences. This optimism out there is mirrored by the current acquisitions of Intellon made from Atheros, DS2 by Marvell, Coppergate by Sigma, as well as Giggle by Broadcom, done in the HAN or Home Area Networking sector.

There is another means to classify Power Line Communication which is:

  • PLC over air conditioner lines.
  • PLC over DC lines.

While many firms are presently tailored towards giving AC-PLC remedies, PLC in DC lines likewise has applications. Two such applications are PLC over the DC-bus in dispersed power generation, as well as PLC in transport, for example, digital controls in vehicles, planes, as well as trains. This utilizes minimizes circuitry complexity, weight, and eventually cost of interactions inside vehicles. 


The narrowband PLC market is seeing healthy and balanced competition, with a multitude of PLC distributors joining the fray, including:

  • Conductor hardware, such as Cypress Semiconductor
  • ST Microelectronics
  • Echelon
  • Yitran
  • Semitech Semiconductor
  • Maxim
  • Ariane Controls
  • Microchip
  • Include Semiconductor

Companies in the broadband PLC section include:

  • Atheros
  • Marvell
  • Sigma
  • Broadcom
  • Maxim
  • Lantiq
  • Plugtek