Prominent Applications of Steel Pipe


Steel pipes; which find great application in manufacturing and infrastructure are cylindrical tubes made from steel. They are widely utilized due to their resistance to stains and corrosion, Durability, malleability, versatility, recyclability, strength, cost-effectiveness and of course, appearance. 

Quite a few industries consciously or unconsciously rely on steel pipes for effective functioning and operation. 

Here we are going to look at 5 industries that make use of steel pipes day-in and day-out. 

1] Construction industry 

Steel pipes’ importance in construction is concealed to none. The light-weight and durability of steel pipes facilitates its usage in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Additionally; since steel pipes are resistant to rust and corrosion, they find great applicability in water, plumbing and electrical systems; areas wherein a leak or break can be highly dangerous and expensive. 

2] Oil and gas industry

Steel pipe is pretty prevalent in the oil and gas industry due to its potential to survive corrosive environments, low-high temperatures and high pressure. Oil and gas leakage can be hazardous and since it needs to be sent through pipe trunks and lines, it needs a durable and versatile material that allows transport over long distances. All of this makes steel pipes the perfect choice as their properties match the requirements of the industry.  

3] Shipbuilding industry

Ships need to be sturdy since they are exposed to several environmental conditions. Steel pipes are ideal for shipbuilding since they can endure vibrations, high pressure and shocks. Unlike other alternative materials, steel pipes can at most bend but won’t break in extreme conditions. 

4] Agricultural industry 

When it comes to agriculture; steel pipes find application in tractor engines, grain elevators, fertilizer applications, field drainage systems, vent pipe systems and more. Since these pipes are durable and can withstand pressures, they are frequently employed in many agricultural fittings. 

5] Industrial application 

Industries are often looking for dependable material that has great longevity. Steel pipe; with its rust-proof and non-corrosive nature, therefore, come as a very good option. From construction to transportation; these pipes can be used anywhere in industries. 

Apart from these; there are several other industries where steel pipes are used including textile, dairy, chemical facilities and so on. However, different types of steel are used in each area. The type differs according to the need. So, recognize your requirements and get steel pipes that best complement your area of work!