Receipts and Notifications: Proof and Assurance



Customers always need assurance of security from the online stores of their bought products. Receipts are those proofs to the customers. Online stores are needed to provide a sheet of all the necessary information about the products and transactions in a professional manner to the buyer.

The print receipt [พิมพ์ใบเสร็จ, which is the term in Thai], are one of the key factors which make them reliable enough to invest in it. The anticipation component in the customer makes it very crucial for these stores to provide the best of their services along with the quality of the products.

The key Features of the Receipt:

  • It contains all the details of the product
  • Parcel number
  • Tin number
  • VAT number
  • Mode of payment
  • Product code or serial number
  • Accepted Company policies
  • Price of the product
  • Discount on the product
  • Terms and conditions
  • Delivery date

There are online companies which help these online stores to keep track of the receipts and the services of the customers. Tenders are given to these online enterprises and they work according to it.

Process of notifying the Delivery

Certain numbers are provided to the specified products known as the parcel number. After ordering, the buyer has to be kept updated of their sequence from the dispatch till the delivery. The moment the order is dispatched the tender companies initiate their services. The certain procedure taken is:

  • The company notify the parcel number [แจ้งเลขพัสดุ, term in Thai] to these tender companies.
  • These online keep track of the order continuously.
  • Every detail of the product is sent to the buyer.
  • The delivery number is automatically sent to the customer by them.

There are several orders at once. Thus, these companies cannot do all the tasks alone. Therefore, these online helpers do the two service works, that is:

  • Printing Receipts – Two types of it are there
  1. Individual printing each time.
  2. Multiple printing at once.


  • Notifying the buyer of their products.

With time, there have been many modifications in the workings of the online stores. Partnering with the helper online sources has made tasks smoother and more professional. People who are highly interested in these helping sources can directly contact them on their sites and know all their perks and specialty which will be beneficial for your company as well.