Screen Printing: Unmissable Supplies


Screen printing has made its market. It is a cheaper option for the clients while a profitable one for the business owner. Today, due to the hype about customized printing, screen printing is one of those businesses which can seriously take a fast pick up. Though it might seem a bit overwhelming when you first start the business, it is not that problematic. Choosing the perfect equipment and supplies can help to give your business a good start.

Prepress equipment

Screen printing has quite a few steps and you need proper equipment for completing all these steps successfully. The very first one is the pre-press step where you prepare everything. A computer and a printer are needed for creating and printing the graphic on a clear film. Then you need screens and emulsion that hardens after coming to contact with UV rays. As you start your business for the first time, it is better to go for most used screens. You can make or buy drying racks for drying the emulsion. Exposure units are required for the screens to be exposed to UV rays and the pre-press step end with the washout station and source of water to wash the screens.

Screen Printing equipment

A press, ink, squeegees are needed for the printing process. As you start screen printing, you can choose ink mixing packs. The material on which you print down is called substrates. Substrates include sweatshirt, banners, tote bags and T-shirts. Though many businesses don’t start with flash cure unit, it is one of the valuable parts of screen printing supplies.

As a last of part of most needed equipment, you need a conveyor dryer. It heats up your ink to make it last. You will also want a heat tape or heat gun to check the temperature of the ink. While starting your own screen printing business, make sure to choose the equipment carefully to invest in and you are all set to go.