SEO is an Investment in Your Company’s Future


It seems almost every business has a website.  Of those that do not have a website, most of them probably should have one.  Many companies make the mistake of treating the website as a once-and-done item on their checklist; set it and forget it.

That might work for a business if they have no intention of leveraging the internet for new customers and sales.  Some companies use the website simply as a place for customers to look them up and learn about their business.  This works well when people already know the company name and its offerings.  When the company name is not well known, the website will have little traffic and will not add much to the company’s sales.

But a website can do so much more for a business.  If the name of a business is not well known, how will potential customers know how to find the business?  If a website for a small business can appear in Google search results, wouldn’t that drive more interested potential customers to their site?  If the website is attractive and easy for customers to use, wouldn’t increase traffic (the number of visitors to a website) increase the likelihood of increased sales?

There are so many competitors out there and when the nature of a business does not limit it geographically, the competitors are not just similar local businesses; they are businesses from around the world!  This is where Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO comes in.  A successful SEO campaign will convince Google to place the associated website higher in its search results.

The closer to page 1 a website gets in Google search results; the more visitors will go to that website.  That, very likely, will translate into more new customers and more sales and more revenue.

The return on investment for SEO can be spectacular and can transform a business.

A small business in New Jersey can partner with a NJ SEO company that can help its website appear high in Google search results and thereby make the site a 24×7 lead generator.

Online marketing can bring local or global customers to a business.  To learn how SEO can be an investment in your company’s future, see this infographic by Landau Consulting.