Setting up Businesses in Dubai

Setting up Businesses in Dubai made Easier and Profitable with Free Zones


The growth Dubai has experienced lately resulted in numerous employment opportunities in the state. It implies that the publishing industry in Dubai has flourished. The major businesses in Dubai would be inclusive tourism, information technology, communication & transportation, and Oil & gas. The quickly increasing economy of the nation has resulted in the opening of several offices in the meydan free zone. It would not be wrong to suggest that Dubai has become the leading destination for worldwide publications.

The free zone is a specific economic development area to enhance your chances of gaining success for your business. The zone has become an important business center, administration center, and finance center in the UAE.

What major industries thrive in the free zone?

The major industries of the planned free zone would be food processing, construction, tourism, chemicals, finance, IT, transportation, and shipping. Dubai has developed major interest in a few industries. However, they would not be completely owned by the authorities in Dubai. They do not have a different legal system as well.

An effort to allure foreign investments

The free zone is a planned effort to allure more foreign investments into the city. Numerous companies have been conducting business through their company formation offices in the free zone of Dubai. Among the several benefits offered by doing business in a free zone, the major advantage would be the simplification of the process involved in company formation and company registration in Dubai.

You do not have to worry about any specific legal issues, as the company formation office would take care of everything. All you were required to provide are adequate details of your business. It is as simple as it sounds.

Setting up business in Dubai

When contemplating setting up a business in Dubai, rest assured to be spoilt for numerous rental options. These would be inclusive of one-room apartments or studios, fully furnished offices, luxurious villas, and more offering numerous utilities needed for a working environment. To run an entire publishing house from your premises, rest assured to get some space in the same place easily available on lease. The operational cost of these offices would be covered by the Dubai license fee.

Nonetheless, it would be vital to remember about the higher rates of Dubai publishing offices and houses are relatively higher than in other available cities. Dubai being a high-income region has higher rates for publishing offices and houses.