Starting A Business In UAE Without Investment.

Starting A Business In UAE Without Investment.


If you are a business person in the UAE but do not have enough money, then we have your solution. There are many business options available in the UAE that do not require investment or require very little investment.

Listed below are a few ways for a business setup in the UAE without much investment:

Working Counseling

In today’s world with so much work to offer, people are calling for professional help while choosing a career. So this is one of the most profitable business ideas without any investment at all. You can choose a visual office space and teach or give online guidance.

Event Organizer

If you have good management skills and a passion for team management, event planning is for you. The events you plan should be unique and in keeping with the current world. However you will also need to come up with the best resources to live up to their expectations as many events planned in the UAE are the biggest you can ever think of!

Pet Sitting

A growing number of UAE residents now have pets. And with a nation made up mainly of former workers, those pets need care while their people are at work. As a trained veterinarian, you simply go to the owner’s home to take care of the animal while they are away – either because they are at work, on vacation, or on a business trip.

Cleansing Works

The initial cost here is minimal. All you need is a good working process and some basic cleaning things. Provide your services weekly or monthly and you can quickly generate regular revenue. As you grow older, expanding and providing commercial cleaning allows you to charge more for your services.

All of the above business ideas require minimal equipment (if any) or overheads so the only real cost of anything will be a license – which is less expensive in the UAE. Of course these costs will depend on the type of set you choose. One option is to start in the free zone.