Stock markets recovering slowly but surely


Despite recession being an ongoing thing, the stock market keeps rising and getting more stable. S&P almost erased its losses for 2020, breaking even on Monday. This event has prompted other companies to look on the bright side again and hope for a better future. Asian economy is slowly recovering and we can hope it will stay so, despite the fear of a second coronavirus wave.

At the moment, we can only observe how social events develop since the Black Lives Matter riots started, spreading from the US to Europe, which has many people in fear since the rise of covid cases but on the social side also great division between people and their governments.

Movie Dates possible again?

The US is still planning on reopening AMC Theaters in America and Britain. Many stores are reopening which would probably happen regardless of how many people are sick, since many small businesses were (and still are) on the verge of collapsing. Supporting small stores was even trending on instagram, but still, it’s really hard to bounce back from the state we’ve been facing, so let’s hope everything goes well. Amazon is also working harder than ever,after many questionable things popping out regarding Jeff Bezos. They’ve become advocates for safe work conditions and their marketing strategy aims to show how they’ve changed towards their workforce, although this is still very questionable. Amazon is still struggling with the delivery of their goods, since there are so many people buying from their home, but stocks are going up every day and it will probably be like that for quite some time. Amazon shares rose 3% to $2,600.86. Let’s not forget eBay, another company that continues to rise, thanks to internet shopping. Their shares also keep going up (currently 2,1% on the rise).

Hollywood will start their engines again probably mid-July, since theater owners were also on the verge of bankruptcy, while AMC managed to have just enough to keep themselves afloat. The movie industry is rumored to start with movies like Unhinged (30 million $) and Tenet (around 200 million $). It is still questionable whether it’s safe to be in theaters since the pandemic isn’t slowing down.

Aero industry prompted to turn to sustainability despite its loss

Stocks in Europe are currently lower than in Asia, but experts are still prompting stockholders to use their business shares so the global economy doesn’t collapse completely, since we don’t know what is waiting for us after all of this is over. Most probably, blood, sweat and tears will be shed after we overcome this, together with all the political events overshadowing the coronavirus.

Airlines are losing the most, but almost every country has built an emergency fund since 2020 is the worst year for flying companies since the beginning of their existence. Only French government is giving around $17 million to help their aero industry, What is interesting and also really important for the Earth itself, is that in exchange, companies will have to find a way as soon as possible to cut down on carbon emissions and find a solution to this problem by making aircraft that won’t be polluting the air as much.

The Cold War rumors laying low

Tension between Trump and China continues to rise, since the American president is supposed to sign Uyghur human rights bill. What does it exactly mean? It directly attacks China for mistreating Muslims.With this and trade war between the two, it is questionable what will exactly happen. The Cold War hasn’t started yet, or? We are yet to see this. The US dollar is slowly rising again but for now, traders will stay put and see how it goes before deciding on their further steps.

Until then, we should continue focusing on the current state of the stock market, preventing a complete economy freeze. Shopping online, supporting small business and staying at home if you can so the pandemic can hopefully end faster (or at least have less cases, since it hit its highest number this week).

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Trade war silently continues, Amazon shares keep rising, many countries are united in preventing total collapse.