Keep Track of Employee

Struggling to Keep Track of Employee Work Schedule? Try a Roster Plan


Whether you are a big organization employing hundreds or a small business starting in your garage or a staffer in a school or hospital, you need to keep a tab on the work of your employees. Every business wants to achieve a higher position in terms of productivity, quality of service, and the standard of work culture. A good roster plan can help you do that.

6 Benefits of a good roster plan

1. Balanced Work distribution

Having lots of work, though a desirable situation for any business, can also lead to inequalities in the work distribution. Which increases dissatisfaction among the people who have to do more work than others especially when the same ratio is not reflected in their pay.

Keeping a roster can give you a quick view of the assignments at hand and helps you to plan an equal distribution. You can make use of 7 Day, 14 Day, 4 Week Roster Template to divide the work load equally among the existing workforce. There will be no dissatisfaction and disagreement and everything will run smoothly. Use of this template will segregate everything and in order.

2. Reduced absenteeism and higher productivity

Unplanned absence of employees is common in any organization. A roster plan prepared using some good weekly or monthly roster templates and accessible to all employees, can give an easy overview of leaves taken by each employee. This reduces the tendency to take unnecessary leaves among employees as everyone else can raise a concern about that.

 3. Efficient resource management

Not only unplanned leaves, but a roster plan can also help keeping track of planned leaves as well. This is very helpful for the management of resources. If a particular work requires a collaboration of more than one employee, a roster plan created based on staff availability templates, quickly shows when all of them will be available. This reduces unnecessary delays due to missing resources and the risk of all of them being on leave at once when needed.

4. Cost Savings

Operational cost reduction is one of the most tangible benefits of a roster plan. In areas like supply chain management, a lack of work plan can cost a lot. If an employer or a staffer can plan for future, they can identify the risk factors and the areas that can cost them more later. It allows them to take pro active measures.

5. Better quality of service

A good roster plan can turn the grievances of an end beneficiary to accolades, which are the ultimate benchmark of success for any service provider. If a service provider has committed to a certain level of quality and timelines for the service, roster plan helps maintain that by keeping track of the work. At least, it can give a good idea about the feasibility of the time and quality well before its completion.

6. Improved work culture

If possible, try to keep your roster plan accessible to all staff members and encourage them to getting involved in maintaining it. This increases transparency in work and sense of belonging. A good work culture always increases employee retention.

A roster is not a do-it-all plan. It has its limitations in usage. But when used effectively, it can bring about some amazing changes in both the workflow and the end result of it.

If you are looking for way to efficiently staffing your employees while reducing cost and increasing quality of service and the work culture, A roster plan might just be what you are looking for.