Swamp Coolers Can Reduce Your Energy Bills


Do you want to keep your home cool? You can either use a refrigerated AC or a portable swamp cooler. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of either will depend on certain factors. One of the most crucial factors is energy usage.

Both ACs and swamp coolers are powered by electrical energy. However, people using ACs may find out that their energy bills are far more than those of the people using swamp coolers. Swamp coolers are energy-efficient, consuming between 15% – 35% less energy than ACs.

Modifications that Decrease Swamp Coolers Energy Consumption

  1. Absence of compressors: A portable swamp cooler works without a compressor. The compressor circulates refrigerant under high pressure in an AC. This need is removed in swamp coolers because the system works by moving air through cooling pads. Thus, energy is saved.
  2. Fewer parts require maintenance: ACs have many parts that require regular maintenance to keep optimal energy consumption. For example, a combination of blocked filters, faulty thermostats, and drainage problems may cause an AC unit to consume more energy to cool your house. Evaporative coolers do not have this complication and thus operate on less energy.
  3. Electric rating: Air conditioners are typically rated 220V – 230V, but portable swamp cooler, typically, rates 115V.

You can use sub meters for reading and track the energy bills within swamp coolers, you can use Electronic Project Box Aluminum for sub meters for efficient calculations.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Swamp air Cooler

Before you purchase an evaporative swamp cooler, consider the following:

  1. Room or house size: If your living space is large, you need a swamp air cooler that can meet up. Swamp coolers are rated according to their air delivery rate measured in cubic feet per hour. You can calculate the size of the living space to determine the volume of air needed to cool it and go on to purchase a cooler with a similar rating.
  2. Environmental conditions: If you live in a humid city, a swamp cooler may be useless against the heat. If your climate is mostly rainy, then using the coolers outdoors may reduce the lifespan. Consider all these before making a purchase.

Swamp coolers are popular as an alternative to air conditioners and for good reasons too. Lower energy bills are just one among many reasons why you should purchase a unit for your home or business place. They are easy to maintain and will last many years on minimal maintenance.