The best 10 sites to find remote jobs:


A great dream of many is to be able to work from anywhere and be independent, which perhaps before might seem crazy is now very accessible and is a growing trend, especially in this COVID19 pandemic. In fact, according to Virgin Media Business, it ensures that within a decade 60% of employees will find remote jobs and will be working from home.

Without even thinking about the future, and concentrating on today, some may think that it is something that they cannot do since they are not in their 20s and do not have the flexibility to stay at their parents’ house having fewer responsibilities. However, according to a study published in the New York Times, the vast majority who are dedicated to remote work are in their 40s.

So, if you motivate yourself to work remotely, being able to be at your house or café, wherever you want, we leave you here a list of places where you can find remote jobs of your dreams. There are especially many job opportunities for digital areas, especially programming.

  1. UpWork:

UpWork is one of the world’s largest freelance and remote job platforms. Claiming to have more than 1 million companies hiring and to have the largest in the Tech industry.

  1. Guru:

It is a freelance work platform, very similar in work format to UpWork.

  1. Elance:

He teamed up with UpWork to join forces. Before the merger, it claimed to have more than 300,000 developers and more than 200,000 designers and to highlight that companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, and Mozilla were some of the ones that were hiring. Also check– Best captioning services


They claim to be the largest marketplace for freelance offers. It has more than 13 million users, standing out for the offers in the digital areas such as web / mobile development and design.


Another company with freelance offers especially with offers in IT projects.

  1. The Muse:

This platform claims to have connected more than 50 million people with companies for job opportunities. It also has great content to support you in a remote race.

  1. Search Remotely:

They have a list of 5-7 job categories: Development, Customer Success, Design, Marketing, and Virtual assistant. They care about sending you and displaying an accurate list of remote digital job offers.

  1. Workana:

This page is focused on special freelance jobs and is one of the largest in America. On this website, each person has their profile that after each work carried out on the platform is evaluated by their clients.

Here we work in the form of a tender, the companies propose a job offer and those interested, apply to say how much they would charge for the work.

  1. FlexJobs:

This site has over 50 job categories, with jobs ranging from freelance to full-time, from beginner to expert. They stand out for analyzing job offers before publishing them, so you do not waste time on false/illegal offers. They currently have nearly 30,000 job offers from almost 4,300 companies.


Rather than focus on employment contracts, it stands out for creating long remote job relationships. You can choose between working 20 to 40 hours a week and the platform after that connects you with companies.