The Importance of Promotional Products For Your Business


Many companies within the promotional products industry will testify that a lot of people fall under two groups: one, those that see value and love in promotional products and two, those who regard them as cheap and tacky.

The main reason people feel this way about promo products depends, and is mostly related to their experience – if you offered a poorly thought-out, made and cheap item, then the receiver won’t be a big fan of your work.

There are still may people who are sceptical about receiving promotional products, and for this reason, we’re going to look at what differentiates promotional advocates and sceptics:

Value for Quality, Always!

You may have heard this before, but perception is reality. In many cases, clients, customers and potential will pay for a winning formula that’s functional and consistent with they needs. Quality is usually a key factor in this decision process. So think carefully about the quality of the promotional products you want.

Targeting is Key

Think carefully about your target market. When doing your research, try not to classify your target market in a broad group such as lawyers or professionals. Drill down more to tailor for the specific group. Segment them into groups like breaking down teenagers between 12-14 years, look at their geographical location, their interests, what they do to pass time. Once you have a firm grasp on this and you’ve gathered all the information, you’ll understand that it’s better to provide a promotional product that goes hand in had with something relevant to them and not always about you.

Factor in Fun and Usability

Customers don’t need another beanie during winter, or an umbrella in summer. As much as content is king, context is key! Relevance is what makes promotional products pack a punch. Today, branded hand sanitizers during the covid-19 pandemic is one of the best marketing promotional products clients take advantage of. Not only are they keeping their clients safe, but they are allowing clients to get these products in house and not elsewhere. Expend on your creativity by conveying fun messages on those sanitizers that will bring delight when received.

Your marketing objectives are fundamental in the success of your brand or a campaign you’re working on. Branded products can sometimes be about display and visibility, and in such cases, quality and targeting may not be the most important aspects to look at. So remember, quality doesn’t need to be substantially costly and your targeting can expand your reach.

Choosing the Ideal Promotional Product for Your Business

Promotional products are the best low budget, secret weapon for businesses. Through these you can boost your referrals, retention rates, sales and also build long-term relationships with your customers.

  • Make sure you do research into your customers- you can create unique experiences with your customers when you know them, what their pain – points are and how to address them with your promotional products.
  • Build brand loyalty – loyalty is important to keeping your business afloat. When your customers are loyal to you, and you show them your appreciation through custom promotional products, you’ll never lose the bread and butter of your company.
  • Stay aligned with your brand’s image – when you’re consistent with your brand, your customers will recognize you no matter where they are – and that’s key to referrals

The Power of Promotional Products

Promotional products are proven to be a tactical and cost-effective way to drive customers towards businesses. They have the ability to build recognition, brand loyalty and consistency and relevance between brands and customers.

But they aren’t the only way for an entire marketing strategy will pull through all the stops – promotional products need to compliment your marketing strategy

Nail it, and you’ll have significant competitive advantage over your competitors.

Become more creative by getting your company logo on laptop sleeves. You can customize those sleeves with materials that compliment your brand and tie in with your customers laptops.

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