The Vault: A Unique Space Meeting Diverse Needs

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Some meeting spaces can be boring and forgettable, while others can be quirky and busy to the point of distraction. When looking for a meeting place for a personal gathering or a corporate event, it’s essential to find a venue that blends an atmospheric environment with the amenities you need to make your event a success. Finding the right location for your meeting shouldn’t take up a lot of your time, and yet this part of the process can often be arduous.

The Vault is a unique meeting space that offers a variety of amenities to serve the needs of the community around it. From corporate meeting spaces to private gatherings like birthday parties or celebratory meals, The Vault can accommodate groups of different sizes and provide what you need to make your event run smoothly.

The Benefits of The Vault

Many benefits come with booking your next meeting or gathering at The Vault. The Vault is conveniently located near to the 15 and 805 freeways in San Diego, allowing it to be an accessible and convenient place to meet for all your guests. Additionally, parking for venue guests is located in two parking garages for quick access and ample parking opportunities.

The Vault offers space for 12-200 guests, which makes it easy to customize the area to meet the needs of your gathering.

The Vault provides a bar with a full kitchen that contains:

●      Two sub-zero refrigerators

●      An oven and cooktop

●      Fryers

●      Steamer

●      Bar with seating for 20 people

●      Room for up to three bartenders

●      Espresso machine and grinder

●      Refrigerated drawers

●      Two sinks

An expansive patio off of the bar is also available as an addition to the main bar or as a standalone space. This patio contains a wood-burning pizza oven, space for guests to dine at a table, as well as a bar, grill, and eight-burner cooktop.

The Vault also maintains a stage with room for a six-piece band, which is perfect for a wedding or an engagement party, anniversary celebration, or a birthday. These spaces are all maximized to give guests variety, space, privacy, and an atmosphere designed to make memories.

The Vault has been home to classic cars, which gives its interior a spacious and airy atmosphere. This space allows guests to customize their Vault experience to be exactly what they want it to be, regardless of the occasion.

Corporate Events at The Vault

Guests want diversity in what they can accomplish, from a professional meeting space with updated technological capabilities to a casual, comfortable dining environment. The Vault provides all this and more with its unique meeting spaces that meet the diverse needs of the people who gather here.

The Vault offers corporate meeting space with Wi-Fi and AV compatibility. The 12-seat boardroom is adjacent to a Zen garden for private breaks. Lecture space and technological capabilities make The Vault a go-to space for corporate meetings, training, and brainstorming sessions outside of the office.

Book The Vault

A unique venue can take your gathering from forgettable to memorable. The Vault provides easy access to a variety of meeting spaces for personal gatherings as well as corporate events. If you are looking for a meeting venue in San Diego, The Vault has what you need to make your next gathering a success. For more information about The Vault or to book space today, please contact 619-780-7300.