Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for a PPC Company


Nowadays, businesses are looking for ways to increase their profits by using different tactics and platforms, especially the internet. One way they can create better revenue for their business is by utilizing PPC ad campaigns. Although, not every business can do PPC because of how complicated it is to run and manage. Instead of learning everything on their own, the best option they can do is by hiring a PPC company.

You can find many PPC agencies within your area, and it can become challenging to choose the right one. Each of them will advertise themselves as the best of the best, yet how can you be confident that they can produce exceptional results once you hire them? Even reading the testimonials is not the best way to know the legitimacy of the PPC agency. Choosing the right PPC agency is crucial to your PPC success, so you should know the several tips that help most businesses to look for the right one.

Necessary Certifications and Qualifications

Any company can brand itself as a professional PPC company, but they can only go so far without the proper certifications. You should know that digital advertising keeps evolving all the time, especially that technology also evolves rapidly. Hence, PPC agencies need to be updated if they want to provide quality PPC services to their clients.

Every agency and individual should have several certifications to hone their skills as PPC experts and show that they are legit. Before you decide to work with a PPC agency to manage and handle your paid advertising endeavors, you must inspect their qualifications such as:

  • Bing Ads Accreditation
  • Youtube Ads Certification
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification
  • Google Ads (Adwords) Certification

Besides having the certifications, other PPC agencies would go above and beyond by guaranteeing platform partnerships like with Google Partner, where the agency can get constant updates about every Google Ads product detail that comes out. Another platform partnership is with Facebook Marketing Partner, where the agency can provide custom-tailored Facebook marketing schemes and determine how to grasp Facebook advertising to drive exceptional results efficiently. Once you find the partnership badges on a PPC agency’s website, it means that they have a reliable team that can handle your PPC ad campaigns.

Proper Communication

Besides determining the PPC agency’s legitimacy, you should also find one who knows how to communicate effectively with you. In some cases, businesses would often have trouble with their current PPC agency because of frequent miscommunications. That should never happen between a client and a PPC agency because that is one way to make the PPC ad campaign crumble, costing the client tons of money.

When you get the opportunity to talk with a PPC agency, ensure that you establish a transparent form of communication because they might have a different way of communicating than yours. Most of the time, a PPC agency will always adjust their communication to yours since it is the fastest way to achieve communication balance.

There are many ways that you can communicate with each other, including emails, messaging apps, and even holding weekly or monthly meetings through a video call. Nowadays, everyone cannot meet up personally due to the pandemic, so you need to communicate through the internet.

Other PPC agencies would even provide a dashboard or portal where clients can check the statistics and performance on their own. It is only a matter of establishing proper communication with the PPC agency to produce successful PPC ad campaign results.

Contracts and Agreements

Businesses that are still new to PPC would become suspicious when they start seeing the PPC agency’s contract. They put out contracts because of the hefty amount of time and money involved during the entire process. You need to know that creating a PPC from scratch requires extensive planning and should not be rushed.

There are even occasions when the agencies would not get any return on investments for a long time. Those instances could last for at least three months or even more, depending on the situation. If things start going bad with your PPC ad campaign, the agency will try to re-rank for better searches.

Before signing a contract, it is best that you review everything from start to finish to avoid any mishaps in the long run and that you understand and are comfortable with the agreement between you and the agency.

Now that you know how to choose the perfect PPC company, the only thing left is to follow the tips until you manage to find one.