Top 4 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Storage Spaces


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Self-storage spaces have immense benefits for those who are contemplating a move. It not only helps to keep your belongings safe until you find your dream house but also helps to keep everything organised and under control.

When you rent storage space, here’s what you need to know:

  • Reserve it on priority:

It is highly crucial that you rent out a storage space as soon as you get to know that you would be moving. There are many companies, which provide the storage boxes and compartments in varied sizes, however, due to heavy demand; they tend to fill up too soon.

Since a storage box is short-term renting space for your belongings, booking it in advance is important lest you are left with no space to keep your stuff before the big move.

  • Climate control storage:

Although you rent a storage compartment only for a small duration yet it is highly recommended that, you invest in the temperature-controlled units only to ensure the safety of your fragile articles.

The cost might be a little high but a temperature-controlled unit will prevent your precious belongings like scrapbooks, photo albums, electronics, furniture, antique pieces and other sensitive material from getting ruined due to warping, molds or fluctuating temperatures.

  • Know the articles which are prohibited:

There are certain items which cannot be stored in these self-storage spaces. You can get in touch with the company to know the complete detail.

Though the list may vary from place to place, however, articles, which are usually not allowed, include firearms, explosives, perishable food items, inflammable products and other hazardous materials.

Keep them off the limits for the safety of everyone.

  • Choose the one with the high safety standards:

Rent storage space (เช่าพื้นที่เก็บของ, which is the term in Thai) only when you are sure about the safety and security of your articles.

24×7 video camera surveillance, individually alarmed units, gated facility etc. are some of the major security features to look out for. Also, ensure that your selected facility has the basic safety measures well taken care of. This may include inbuilt fire/smoke alarms, unauthorized access triggers etc.

The better a facility is equipped with modern safety gadgets, the better are the chances to keep your belongings safe and secure.

Make sure that you go through all these parameters before you finally rent a storage unit for your next move.