Top Reasons to Use Access Control Systems for Business Security


Unquestionably, building management is one of the most common and falls in the top concerns of property managers as well as property owners who are eagerly searching to increase their business security. These concerns include different types of interior and exterior doors in the restricted and heavy traffic areas as it all contributes to boosting security issues. Access control systems are designed to help these business owners and managers to solve their security issues and minimize the risk of unauthorized entry.

In this guide, we will examine this type of different technologies available in the market today. Plus, we will also discuss how these technologies can help you to improve your building security and save money at the same time.

On which technology these systems are comprised of:

There are many building owners and building managers who consider these systems are quite complicated and costly electronic networks, which are very tricky to be installed in a building. But in reality, these are easy to install according to the different building sizes, budgets, as well as occupancy types. These security systems permit the building management professionals to do more than just control admission to limited and restricted areas. But these systems also allow the professionals to keep electronic records of entries and exits in those places.

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So these electronic records can help the building managers to monitor the traffic as well as to detect who used a door at any given time. Therefore, this makes it extremely easy to answer essential security questions after an incident happens in that place. Moreover, there are different security methods that are best for you, depending on the specific needs of your business. Some are mentioned below:

  1. Keyless entry swipe cards:

These are a special kind of cards that contain magnetic strips in which information about the cardholder is saved. A card reader is used that can scan the strip, and after reading the information, it allows or denies the entry of the person accordingly. Such swipe cards are quite inexpensive, and each cardholder is given a unique ID for the sake of entrance and exit from the building.

  1. Biometric scanners:

This type of security system needs the user to enter biological info. In addition to or the replacement of an access card, this information is used. The biological information can be retinal, fingerprints, palm prints, or voice activations. This type of security systems that uses biological information is more secured than swipe cards. But these are quite difficult to forge a hand or an eyeball. But the technologies used for these devices are getting advanced, and now these are becoming much cheap and are easy to install.

  1. Keypad systems:

In this security system, a user has to enter a pre-assign code into the keypad to get entry into the building. These keypad systems are difficult to tamper with as they require reprogrammable if one needs to change the code. And in this system, unique access codes are provided to each user to obtain entries.

  1. Smart cards or Proxy card readers:

These are also called proximity cards which are similar to swipe cards, but in these cards, the user info is contained in a microchip rather than a magnetic stripe. Proximity cards are supposed to be more secure than keyless entry swipe cards. But both cards offer the benefit of being able to display an image as well as written security credentials.

Access control system design:

These systems have different primary components. At its core, it comprises a computerized control centre along with a log of each user who has access to the place or a building or its parts. The control centre component of this system is linked to entry points. These entry points are not only the doors but also include elevators, turnstiles, barriers, and parking gates. So these are some of the main access control security system technologies used in building management.