Top Tips to Finding the Best Office Cleaner


Your office defines your business to customers. Its interiors influence clients, employees and partners. People like to start their day in a clean office. Cleanliness improves productivity and creativity. You require a reliable office cleaning service. There is tons of office cleaning companies out there. Here we present the top tips to finding the best office cleaner in Singapore.

Excellent reputation

Professionals in this space require having a huge number of satisfied clients. Positive feedback from previous customers stands as a proof of quality. Look out for testimonials and reviews about the company. This reveal a lot more information than you can imagine. While going through reviews, make sure they are genuine. Paid bots are easy to tell, if you pay attention. There’s a world of difference between reviews and marketing post. If you smell salesy language in reviews, it is a big no-no.

Cost considerations and range of services

Some clients have more specific needs than others. Companies offering a range of services tend to be more prepared. They are more than a bunch of cleaning professionals who specialize in the basics. Price is not the prime consideration when you are hiring office cleaners. It is the range of programs that really matters.

Flexibility & customization

Every office has a unique set of cleaning needs. Regardless of how big your office is, the cleaner must be able to provide you with tailored cleaning programs. They should be equipped to work in a fast paced environment. Reliability will mean finishing things off by schedule. Importantly, you should be the one to specify how often the office is going to be cleaned. The service should go strictly by your needs.

Ease of communication

Most clients underestimate ease of communication, time and again. With such large migrant workforce in the country, you need to be sure they understand you. Not just linguistic abilities, approach too matters in ease of communication. Start with checking with the tele-representative supplies you with much needed information. Communicate your needs perfectly to the company rep.

Proof of insurance

You just cannot overlook the need for insurance. It is almost the first thing, you need to verify before callingcleaners home. Liability insurance covers you on the costs that maybe charged as injury compensation. In the case of immigrant work, you must be twice as careful. International dispute settlement is so tricky.

Who are we?

We offer the best eco-friendly cleaning services in Singapore. We cater to any commercial space located in the city. From busy office buildings to spas to boutiques to hotels, we cover them all. Our cleaning team brings fast paced workspaces to its original grandeur in blitzing speeds. We are committed to using, non-toxic, bio-degradable supplies only. When we say eco-friendly, we don’t say it for the namesake. Thus, our cleaning is safe for you and the ecosystem. If you want a deep cleaning on a recurring basis, you can count on our services. Give us a ring, for any cleaning works in your commercial space.