Types Of Warehouse Storage Racks


Storage racks in Singapore are one of the most useful structures in warehouse. They help to maximise space and promotes greater efficiency and productivity among workers. When choosing a storage rack system for your warehouse, it is important to consider which type of storage rack will be the best in streamlining your warehouse process.

Selective Pallet Racking Systems

This racking system is one of the most popular type of warehouse storage system. They are affordable and are available in a large variety of sizes. Furthermore, with additional accessories, it can be customised to a warehouse’s needs. As it is designed to have pallets off the warehouse floor and in a racking system, they clear floor space for full utilisation and allows accessibility to pallets.

These racks are adjustable to provide the right amount of space for your goods.

Drive-In Rack Systems

This racking system offers high density storage of similar items and pallets. It eliminates the need for aisles in a warehouse facility. Products that are similar use the same entry and exit point at each rack. With high density storage, the storage cost per unit is lowered.

Some drive-in rack systems are single entry where forklifts only have access to one side of the rack. Additionally, other drive-in rack systems are double entry whereby forklifts have access to both sides of the rack.
The system can be customised to your needs based on the dimensions of the products you are storing.

Push Back Pallet Racking Systems

Push back racking systems are designed for dense storage of products. However, it is not suitable for products that require the First In, First Out (FIFO) system. 

This racking system works by placing the pallet onto a rolling cart that is then rolled all the way to the back each time and additional pallet is loaded onto the rack. 

The push back pallet system is efficient and increases productivity as it makes loading and unloading faster than a typical drive-in rack. It is most suitable for a Last In, First Out (LIFO) system. With this system, there are multiple pick faces and fewer aisles are used thus opening up more warehouse space.

Pallet Flow Racking Systems

Also known as the ‘gravity flow’ rack, pallet flow racks use rollers to automate pallet storage and retrieval to increase storage efficiency. This storage system is an effective way to double your warehouse’s storage capacity.

In this system, pallets are loaded on the loading side and then it moves to the picking side via the gravity rollers. Once a pallet is removed, the next pallet will roll up into the picking position. As such, stock rotation is automatic, increasing productivity and reducing labour needs. This system helps many companies have efficient turnover. It is suitable for date sensitive products.