Useful techniques to improve your off-page SEO


Off-page SEO consists of a series of techniques focused on building external links that will redirect them to your web page to improve the organic positioning of your web page in Google and other search engines.

The two sides of SEO

Off-page and on-page SEO differ in the way of achieving web positioning in search engines.

Off-page SEO means external actions to the web page that we carry out. The on-page SEO achieves the optimisation of the web page through the internal elements of the web page such as its structure: improvement of the texts, use of the keywords, meta descriptions, etc.

To improve your organic off-page SEO positioning, the most important thing is to raise the scores in the Page Rank, since this formula is included in the Google algorithm. Thanks to Market Smiths, you can easily increase your off-page SEO ranking.

Social networks

Tactics like brand building, dating introduction, content marketing, social media, and more play an important role in SEO strategies. Social networks are used to create platforms in turn. The most used and recommended are Twitter and Facebook. Interaction with users prevails on these platforms. Take advantage of the power of viralisation in social networks. Another effective action is to create communities on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

Local proximity

Local SEO is focused on the location, country or city, where the service is provided or the products and user reviews are sold. It seeks to increase search visibility for companies that serve their communities in person. It can refer to physical businesses with physical locations, such as a clothing store, restaurant, dentist, or locksmith. What they have in common is that they operate in a specific and limited geographic area.

Use forums and blogs

It is well known that Google is fed up with the overly SEO-oriented use of links in comments in blogs. That is the way it is, and at this point we need to stop this bad practice now.

But it’s not just about stopping commenting or ignoring the fact that these comments can actually help with off-page SEO, it should also be carried out by commenting on the right places and in front of the right audience.

If your vertical is finance, you have nothing to gain from commenting on home improvement sites and blogs, for instance, just to leave a link to your site. If this case, doing so will actually let Google know that you don’t know what you’re doing and will cause that those who click on it to run off your site.

Read through the question and answer on popular platforms

Certain platforms like Yahoo Answers or Quora are fantastic for earning backlinks naturally.

Users visit these places to get help about a specific topic, so use this opportunity to provide them with the answers and share key and relevant content that is useful to them.

The higher quality your contributions have, the more authority you will earn on the platform and you will eventually enjoy their trust in your vertical.

Key strategy for your marketing mix

Bloggers and influencers are an ally in case you want to enhance off-page SEO, as they draw crowds and have millions of followers and fans on their social platforms and sites, and this will make you gain popularity.

There are different ways to get a deal or an agreement with an influencer in your vertical, no matter it is paid or not, so do your research on who could be a good candidate to team with, and start creating a valuable relationship with them.

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