Various Types of Management Services Offered At SELECT Strata


Property management is a complicated responsibility. That is why most residential,  commercial, and industrial property owners choose to hire property managers to delegate these responsibilities to the experts. If you know that this is what you need right now, then you should check out the best property managers in Melbourne. 

SELECT strata management services are currently one of the most sought-after in Australia, especially in Melbourne. If you are curious about the management services that they offer, then let’s go ahead and find out. 

Residential Property Management

Residential properties include individual homes, townhouses, and even apartments. And these days, homes become more than just a living abode. For others, this also becomes their home office. That is why SELECT understands how proper residential management can greatly affect the quality of life that the residents are able to experience. 

Owner Corporations in residential communities of all sizes need to have experts in property management. At SELECT, the company understands all about residential strata management. If you choose SELECT, you know that you are working with the best for decades, they have managed hundreds of residential buildings from all across Melbourne.

Commercial and Retail Property

When it comes to the commercial and retail Owners Corporation management, they require a specific level of skill and expertise. When it comes to commercial and retail body corporates, there are plenty of challenges to expect. This includes budget disputes, building defects, the use of assets, as well as issues with the use of safety measures.

With SELECT, they are Melbourne’s leading strata management services provider both in commercial and industrial industries. They have experienced managers who will not only provide you with guidance and support but will also ensure that your Owner’s Corporation is able to meet any challenge. The property managers will work closely with you to make sure that all plans are followed and any complex challenges are addressed.

Industrial Property Management

Every business strives to prosper and SELECT understands that every industrial corporate body needs effective strata management. This is the reason why most industrial companies these days choose to hire experts for this purpose.  Constant support is offered to ensure that everything on your site is working.

SELECT has professionals of skilled strata management experts that will surely make all occupants’ lives easier. They have hands-on skills and experience in industrial Owners Corporation management. These experts can help manage any challenges that you might come across. 

Mixed-Use Property Management

There are properties that are used both for commercial/industrial and residential purposes as well. It means that the property is not only used for business, but also as your home. This combination comes with complex requirements and obligations. SELECT specializes in this complex strata as they recognize the needs of both residential and commercial tenants. 

Why Choose SELECT?

SELECT is currently one of the most trusted names in Melbourne when it comes to property management services. With more than 50 years of experience, the company has gathered experienced and skilled strata managers and has managed over 1,000 Owners Corporations.  They have worked with individual homes, shops, warehouses, and offices. If you are ready to experience the difference, then choose SELECT.