Ways Logo mats Can Help Your Business


You can welcome visitors to your website before they reach the reception desk. The benefits of a well-placed and high-quality branded mat for your business can be numerous. We’ve compiled a list of our top.


A well-made logo-branded mat must still be functional as an entrance mat. It should be capable of drying/cleaning visitors’ shoes as they pass through it. This makes your floors look cleaner and more inviting while reducing the possibility of potentially costly slips or falls.

You should get a mat that is 80cm or wider than your entrance. This will allow people to move naturally with their feet on the mat.

First Impressions

Your business’ entrance mat will be the first thing customers, and visitors see when they arrive at your establishment. A professional, stylish, and professional mat shows that your business is professional, stylish, and professional. It helps customers feel comfortable.

A specially-designed logo mat will look more appealing and welcoming than any plain mat. This will help make the customer’s first impression even better. Most logo mats can be ordered, so you can specify the exact size that will look great in your entrance.

Money Well Spent

A high-quality, professional-quality logo branded mat will last many decades (typically 5+), even when used in highly trafficked commercial environments. Check for good quality, durable mats: multi-year warranty, easy cleaning instructions, and the nitrile Rubber backing.

If you do plan on installing an entrance rug (which you should), it is worth investing a bit more in personalized mats. This will help you extend your branding to the area.

Brand Strengthening

A logo mat for the floor can help unify your branding, increasing awareness among customers and visitors. Your brand is your non-human face and, when reinforced well, can be a key part of the marketing of your business.

Outdoor logo-branded mats can be an excellent complement to your signage. They can also help you stand out from your neighbors. Be aware that people look at the mat often when walking and could be looking at your branding.

Off-Site Use

If you are out and about at trade shows, demos, or for in-store promotions, you can bring your branded rug with you. This will give you a professional touch. There are many mat suppliers who will have thin, cost-effective logo mats which can be used in this manner. They can really make your demo or booth stand out.

Your logo does not have to be your only choice. You can adapt your mat to any purpose, including launching new products, celebrating milestones, running special offers, or simply highlighting a feature or service you offer.

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A Professional Look

Customers appreciate reliability and professionalism when they make a purchase. A company needs to portray professionalism throughout its sales process. This can be achieved with a custom logo mat.


Everything is made in-house. This allows us to be extremely flexible. You can personalize your logo mat with various colors, sizes, styles, and types. We can help create the perfect mat to fit your business needs, whether you need a welcome mat for a new employee or a large event rug.