What Are The Benefits Of Thread Gauges To Your Hydraulic Equipment


In manufacturing industries, high-pressure hydraulic items are used to operate heavy machinery.  The high-pressure hydraulic systems need proper maintenance and servicing. One of the tools you will often use during the servicing and maintenance of the equipment is a thread gauge. The thread gauges whether NPT thread gauge or Metric thread gauge help keep your hydraulic systems running smoothly for a long time. So, what are the benefits of using these thread gauges on your hydraulic parts and machinery?

Proper fitting of Parts to your Hydraulic Equipment

Thread gauges like Metric thread gauges are designed to help test the right thread necessary for threaded parts in a manufacturing facility. Hydraulic systems use different types of adapters and fittings with different methods of sealing and thread forms. Often, the thread forms tend to appear the same which makes it difficult as well as time-consuming to identify them when having equipment repair or modification. Using thread gauges allows you to measure the diameters and sizes of your pipes, hoses, and other parts of the hydraulic equipment. 

Using Thread Gauges is pretty Simple

It’s easy to use a thread gauge such as Metric thread gauges – you simply need to insert the tool on the top of the externally-threaded hydraulic gear. After inserting it, you turn it a couple of times to help test the width of your threaded part. This will help you better understand of what threads you should look for to install the part on your hydraulic equipment. You also have the reading or measurements to help you get the right part. This way, you ensure that the connections you’re doing are tight and no leaks can occur around the edges. 

Variation in Tolerances

When choosing and working with thread gauges including NPT thread gauge, tolerance is very important. Because the gauges are built to provide measurements for different threaded areas and manage different pressure levels, you want to ensure that the element of tolerance is properly looked at. Typically, tolerance levels are printed on the box of the NPT thread gauge or you may find that on the website of the manufacturer or seller. 

The width of your thread gauge is one element that heavily influences the tolerance of the tool. Narrower thread gauges, for example, have lower tolerance levels compared to wider ones. Besides, the manufacturer or brand of the part may dictate the tolerance of the gauge to use. Ensure you get the right gauge with the right tolerance for your specific work. 

These are some of the benefits you get when you use thread gauges for your hydraulic equipment.