What are the Different Types of Business Loans Available in the Market?


Business loans are available from several financial institutions like banks and other alternative lenders. Business loans are an obvious way to grow your business. With the help of the loans, the companies can invest in activities like research and development. They are also able to expand their branches in new territories and get worldwide recognition. Whatever may be the reason; you should first understand the different types of business loans available in the market and then decide to choose the right kind of loan. Only when you can make the right decision, you will be able to flourish. Business loan advisory Singapore is one of the firms that offer several kinds of business loans.

Different types of business loan

  • Line of credit for smallbusiness – Under this scheme, your business can avail funds from the lender as per your requirement. Line of credit is useful in terms of meeting unexpected expenses and managing the company’s cash flow.
  • Loans for working capital– The loan for working capital is a debt taken by the company to meet its financial operations. These loans are used by the companies to manage the fluctuations in revenues or some unknown critical circumstances.
  • Term loans for small businesses– These loans are set at a certain dollar amount and are mostly used by small businesses. They use it for expansion, meet capital expenditure, and other business operations. The interest is repayable within 6 months to 3 years.
  • Loan for types of equipment– Small businesses can avail of this loan to buy types of equipment. Instead of spending from the capital amount, these loans can be taken by paying a down payment of 20% of the equipment’s price. You can buy software, vehicles, and equipment using this loan.
  • Credit cards– Small business credit cards act as short-term finance for the business. The interest rate is not the same for all the credit card issuer. There are several cashback benefits that the cardholder can enjoy while using this card.

When you do thorough research, you will get to learn a lot about financial products. They will not only help you with money, but also help to increase the profit margin of your company.