What are TightVNC, Teamviewer and Supremo?


In this article we are going to explain what TightVNC, Teamviewer and Supremo are. If you are in a hurry, let me tell you that all three software are called Remote Desktop Program or RDP in short. Let us jump right in and learn more about these three services.


With TightVNC things have changed dramatically for the better with the emergence of various programs that simplify the whole process Applications from using such a program are many and start from remote control of your computer to turning it into a powerful Remote Media Server – like TightVNC


Perhaps the most widespread application of its kind, since TeamViewer is a simple application capable of performing remote control tasks, on the desktop of another computer, sharing files and moving them, can easily work behind any firewall or proxy server and its operation is so simple that I believe that there will be no one not to understand it.  

After we download the program we install it on our computer, as you will see at the start of the program on the left side of the program your ID containing a specific number for each installation and below the code where you are provided the code for that application.

Of course, before you can check a different computer, it must also exist on the TeamViewer installed, now in order to be able to connect to it you need to know its ID and password which means that you have to write it down somewhere so you don’t forget it or talk to your friend who has also passed TeamViewer to tell you.


Supremo is a service that allows you to provide remote technical support without having to configure the firewall or router and without installation and connecting with a few clicks to any remote computer. 

Supremo is a secure 256-bit AES encryption software, made from a single small executable file that is extremely lightweight. It is one of the most reliable desktop remote control solutions on the market with hundreds of thousands of sessions activated daily. 

How it works is very simple, just run the Supremo file on your computer and tell your friend to run it on his computer too. Enter the ID number that will give you and press login, in the next window enter the code that will give you, so fast and so simple.

The most important thing about this application is that no one needs to make any adjustments or install the software on their computer.