What’s an employment agency and how exactly do they function?   


In any employment, there are two spheres that need to be considered. The one who is seeking jobs and the one who is hiring. There is a sea of challenges faced by both domains. The person who is looking to employ may find hundreds of people queuing up; needless to say, he is going to be faced with the gruesome task of rummaging through various applications and finding the most qualified candidates suited for the job. The flip side of the coin is the person applying for the gig who may be sending out resumes but receiving no response like every other possible avenue is a dead-end before it even starts. 

  •  What role does an employment agency play? This is where you can cut to the chase. An employee agency facilitates this process with utmost ease by doing the job for you. It is a separate entity of its own and is chartered by other companies in the process of employing staff members. 

The agency has a versatile selecting operation, employing people based on a multitude of factors, like those opting for part-time/full-time jobs, people from diverse lines of work like receptionists, HR, engineers, doctor, nurse, carpenter, etc.  

There are both private-sector employment agencies like law firms, aviation, and hospitality as well as the public sectors like health care and teaching staff. 

  •  What are the fields they specialize in?:

There are three important fields-

Temporary help service: Ever heard of a substitute teacher that fills in a vacant space for a stipulated period of time? That’s exactly what temporary help service entails. They are basically people with the necessary skills who take over as a proxy.

Personnel placement services: This is in reference to the main field. It could be the job of a mechanical or software engineer, a lawyer etc. who will be working full time.

Executive services: As the name suggests, this is for highly specialized professionals who are adept in a particular area like a senior role in management.

  •  What is the criteria?: The main agenda of any employment agency in the process of hiring is to look for someone with the most qualification and expertise, regardless of whether it is temporary or permanent. Agencies like Hunt systematically grade their candidates and zero in on the best ones.