Why Hire a PPC Expert for Your Business?


Digital marketing has transformed the way business is done. Gone are the days when you relied on billboards and newspaper ads or radios to get your name out there. Today, you can work with an SEO agency to optimize your site, hire a PPC expert to execute and track campaigns, and do many other things. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, in particular, is one of the most popular advertising channels among businesses as it is known for generating high conversions and returns.

PPC allows you to capture a wider audience since you are not merely relying on organic searches, making it particularly suitable for reaching your targeted audience. However, as its name suggests, PPC entails a cost for every ad click you receive, so when using this method, strategy is key. Your campaigns must be well-planned and well-executed to ensure your returns are much higher than your expenses.

If you are planning to incorporate PPC into your business strategy, one of your first questions will likely be whether you need to work with a PPC expert. For beginners, PPC may be difficult to understand since it also comes with many technical aspects like SEO, so hiring an expert strategist can be extremely beneficial. To guide you with your decision, here are some of the top benefits of hiring someone to help you with your PPC campaign.

Access to Knowledge and Expertise

Right off the bat, a PPC expert is exactly as their title suggests–an expert. Creating, executing, and tracking a campaign all come with technical know-hows that an expert can help you with. While PPC is known for being a profitable ad channel, the process must be done correctly to maximize your returns.

When managing your campaigns, you will come across technical terms like cost per thousand (CPM), cost per click (CPC), impressions, and hits. Knowing all these terms is essential to proper campaign management, so if you are not too familiar with them, it will be best to have a professional take over the job.

Target the Right Keywords

Keywords are integral to any PPC strategy as these help you reach your target audience. However, keyword research is challenging and time-consuming, and since every click comes with a cost, you want to make sure you pick your words strategically. PPC experts are not just knowledgeable about how to do this but also have various third-party tools to gather data on different keywords. With this, you no longer have to pay for keyword tools, and you get the added benefit of having an expert do the necessary research and analysis.

Track Campaigns Effectively

Similar to SEO, PPC is an ongoing effort. This means once you execute your campaign, you must not stop since the true value of the strategy comes from tracking your results. Campaign tracking can help you uncover valuable data to know what keywords and placements led to the highest conversions. However, this is a highly technical process since it requires technical expertise and a good understanding of PPC. In many cases, businesses hire a PPC campaign manager specifically for this role because of how important it is for their marketing efforts.

Optimize Landing Pages

Landing pages are designed to boost conversions in marketing campaigns. They are essentially one of the steps customers have to do before converting into leads, so you can imagine how important they are for your sales. Again, PPC is like SEO in that your landing pages must be optimized and relevant to get customers to do a certain action. Similar to campaign tracking, landing page optimization also requires technical methods like A/B testing to get the highest possible conversion rates.

Focus on Core Business

PPC is a time-consuming process as it involves lots of planning and strategizing before you get to actual execution. After that, you will still need to monitor your performance continuously to ensure you are getting optimal results. Planning in itself can already take up the bulk of your time, so think about whether you have the time to commit to your business while also handling your PPC campaigns.

Every single step and decision counts with PPC because all these will factor into your expenses, so if you want to handle the work, you have to make sure you can do it correctly. Realistically speaking, assigning a PPC expert or professional to do all PPC-related work will be the most time-effective method. With their help, you can free up your time to focus more on your core business and operations.