Why need of best security guard company?


Selecting the right private security company for your facility can be more difficult than you think. However, finding and vetting the right company to protect your business can save your organization money and headaches in the long run. For example, roughly one-third of guard companies in Illinois do not have the correct licensing. If an incident does occur, and the company you choose is not licensed, your company will be legally responsible and can get sued. A reputable Security Guard Company provides fully licensed and well-trained armed and unarmed guards for many industries ranking from trucking yards to medical facilities. When selecting a security guard service, you should carefully consider the following:

  • Focus on your Security Needs

You need to understand why you need security in the first place. What exactly will the guards be guarding? In many cases, it is something less tangible but more critical, your reputation. Or, as in the summer riots in Chicago, it may require a more visible show of force or specific use-of-force training. That minimum-wage, un-armed guard is not much use when situations arise.

  • Develop a written statement of what results from you want to achieve

It is imperative that the statement establishes the results you expect and how long you need to fulfill them. Share it with potential providers and determine if it is possible to achieve those results and what they would do to make it possible.

  • Choose the provider segment you want, and you can hire

Higher quality companies usually have more certifications, recognitions, better operating infrastructure, etc. For this reason

  • You must have federal and local permits.
  • Have no penalties.
  • Have certifications.
  • Belong to a chamber or association such as the Mexican Association of Private Security Companies, AC (AMESP), or the National Council for Private Security AC
  • Its personnel must be certified by ASIS International, established as the most recognized Certification Body in the world.
  • Must have industry experience.
  • Letters of recommendation from clients.
  • Service coverage in the main points of the country.
  • It has documented processes.
  • It must guarantee the reliability of the personnel and the quality of the services.
  • Policies and Bonds.
  • Monitoring system.
  • Determine ROI in security

The above information develops a subjective probability of not suffering a loss, robbery, kidnapping, etc. Ask the question, from 0% to 100%, how safe would you be with that company?

Remember that this probability is a number that is between 0 and 1 and that it cannot be exactly 0 or 1 but rather an intermediate number between them.

Severity now analyzes how the assets you could lose if this happened and multiply it by its subjective probability. The last part consists of subtracting the investment in security in an annual period from the previous value.

  • Visit providers and their services.

It will help you complete your company’s assessment in terms of the company’s order, infrastructure, etc. And it will give you a tangible option to select whether you would be satisfied with receiving the services that the provider currently provides and the way they do.

  • Establishes communication and supervises the supplier

A prevalent mistake is to think that the security provider can and should operate security systems and promote continuous improvement processes.

Set up weekly meetings and keep a record of commitments, dates, and responsible parties. These meetings are the forum to provide as much feedback as possible. Be objective and design the indicators or small statements of what you want and do not want from the security company.

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