Want to get more out of that luxurious watch that is there in your safe, but you barely ever wear it? Have been constantly surfing through the internet with options like “sell my watch Sydney”? Well, Gold Buyers Sydney located in Sydney; is your quickest and easiest option to either purchase or sell and curb the highest returns for your high-end, designer, chic watches. If you have ever been leery and wanted to avoid complicated processes, it is the best shot.

Which watch brands do they buy and sell?

The shop’s on-site evaluators are experts in the market of high-end stylized watches and offer the most precise competitive prices when customers go to sell their watches. As they have the monopoly amongst other shops in Sydney, they maintain their standards and thoroughly evaluate their customers branded watches, when brought to their secure branch. They purchase and sell Rolex, Cartier, OMEGA, TAG Heuer, IWC, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Breitling, Hublot, Montblanc, Patek Philippe, and Panerai at the most accurate prices.

Why opt for Gold Buyers Sydney amongst other shops for purchasing and selling your branded watch?

Trading your branded watch might not be your biggest desire. Plus, how does one know if they are in for the best deal? When it comes to putting branded items on sale in secondary markets, no one would want to go to an aged, downgraded shop. Instead, everyone would prefer going to an experienced, reputed, all-rounder shop dealer, like Gold Buyers Sydney. Their evaluators accept top conditioned watches only and offer reasonable prices whenever you wish to purchase a branded watch.

What preparations do you need to make before selling your luxury watches?

You need to fulfill the three main criteria’s:-

  • An intact watch in excellent condition.
  • A watch with fine working mechanics and,
  • A gently used luxury watch with as many service records, documents, and factory accessories.

So now if you have been thinking “SELL MY WATCH SYDNEY” and if your luxurious watch meets all the above-mentioned criteria, you can command the highest returns, regardless of the watch’s actual value range, make, and model. When people choose and visit Gold Buyers Sydney for purchasing or selling their branded watches, their talented in-house evaluators begin the evaluation process by first assessing the respective watch’s model and brand’s actual range of market values and prices. The shop values authenticity and the physical condition of the watch, over everything. The process of evaluation mostly always includes an all through a judgment of the watch’s case, bracelets and straps, hands and dials, and crystals, if any. The value of the watch will be determined by the consisted watch case components, including the pushers or crown, the case, and the back case, and the condition of the bezel framing the crystal. The customers should always bring the documentation and package of their chic branded hand watches, before visiting Gold Buyers Sydney. For a quick and precise evaluation, any papers, boxes, or accessories that were previously sent to the original dealer’s showroom should be brought with the customers as well. If the hand watch has ever had any service work done on it before, bringing in the service records of the hand watch is highly advisable too.