3 Types of Custom Home Builders Gold Coast – Choose Which Type Is Better For You


Customer home builder or maker is a pretty loose term that means different things to different people. It falls in the category of different types of builders. Custom home builders Gold Coast are one of the most common types of home builders.

It might be possible that what you are expecting from a custom homemaker is quite different from what a builder is an expert and specialises in. It can be defined as there is a right customer who might be for every type of builder, but not every builder is suitable and ideal for your project, expectations, and budget.

Custom homes are those homes that are on-of-a-kind and made according to the requirements and proposed particular design of a customer. Most of the time, this type of house is constructed in a particular location.

Moreover, this type of homemaker also uses a complete home building plan which is created by a professional and reputable home designer or an architect. Plus, the best part about these homes is that the consumers are fully involved during the project execution and are allowed to control lot size, layout, and accessibility.

So if you are also planning to build a custom home of your choice, you should be well aware that there are three most common yet different types of custom homemakers available in the market today. Choosing each builder has its own benefits and drawbacks. So you should read out first about these builders in order to find the best builder according to your needs:

Personalised home:

These types of homes are those homes that are already built on an existing floor plan within a prearranged and predetermined area that you are fully allowed to add your own personal touch to. Although in such types of homes, a little and to some extent customisation is possible, normally, your design choices are limited to finishes and fixtures, such as counter surfaces, lighting, flooring, cabinetry, and hardware.


This type of home is best suitable for those people who are budget-conscious and are not willing to make any changes and amendments in the design process, and want to move into their new dream home more quickly.


If you are planning to move into this type of home, you should be prepared to make trade-offs in this home. It is because, in such homes, customisations and changes, such as making the ceiling higher, room’s larger and adding windows, are not permitted.

On your lot builders:

This type of builder has a choice of floor plans that you can select from to build on your own land that you possess. When you have your own lot on which you want to build a home of your choice, you will have a variety of selections for you to choose from, and you will be fully allowed to make your home truly your own.

The thing that can set a lot builders apart is that they fully allow you to decide on any additional customisations that you prefer, such as adding a kitchen island, expanding square footage, or adding a third garage bay.


The best thing about this type of builder is that it can save your precious time as it limits the number of design decisions. You have the option to choose the best floor plan that suits your needs.


These builders have a limited number of contracts with suppliers. This means you do not have as many options for finishes and fixtures.


This type of company allows you to build whatever you want and wherever you want. They have on-staff architects and design teams that can simplify the building process. Plus, they have a lot of contacts with the trusted suppliers, so it means you have the freedom to choose fixtures and finishes.


You can build your dream home and have options for designing, fixtures, and finishes.


It has many design decisions, so it may lead to a longer design process and require more build time.

So these are the types of custom home builders Gold Coast that you can choose from