3 Ways Kenyan Freelancers Get Paid Online


In today’s world, there are hundreds of opportunities to get paid online. One can opt for freelancing to earn some extra bucks. There are many freelancing websites on the internet where one can offer their expert service and in return get paid. Freelancing has become a leading career in developing nations like Kenya. Kenyan people can open an account on various freelancing websites like Freelancer, Upwork, or other sites and offer their expertise.  On these websites, you need to bid on your services and once your bid is accepted, you start working on the project. After the project is over, the client will send you the payment. There are various ways to accept payment online in Kenya via platforms like Skrill, MPESA, PayPal, or even bank transfer. These platforms also provide the flexibility to transfer funds from one platform to the other without much hassle. For example, if a client sends you money via Skrill, you can easily transfer funds from Skrill to MPESA or even directly to your bank account.

All these methods have made it easier for freelancers to accept payments online from around the globe.

How To Transfer Funds From Skrill To MPESA?

It is very easy to transfer funds from Skrill to MPESA. All you need to do is log in to your Skrill account, add your MPESA credentials in the wallets and bank account section and add your phone number which is registered in MPESA. Once this is done, you can easily transfer funds from Skrill to MPESA.

If you are a freelancer in Kenya, then you should know a few of the methods via which you can accept payments from overseas clients.

In this post, we will share top platforms which you can use to accept funds from foreign clients. These platforms accept payment of various currencies and they will convert the money for you in your national currency. For example, if you are getting paid in dollars, Skrill or PayPal will convert it to Kenyan Shilling and then you can transfer the money to your bank accounts. For exchanging currencies these platforms will charge forex fees and the rest of the amount will be available for withdrawal.

3 Ways Kenyan Freelancers Get Paid Online

The top 3 ways in which Kenyan freelancers can accept payments are:

1.    Skrill

One of the famous platforms in the world of freelancing. Most freelancing sites prefer transferring funds to your Skrill account.

2.    PayPal

PayPal is the oldest platform for accepting payments from all across the globe. You have to register it with your email ID and it will transfer funds automatically to your bank account.

3.    Mpesa

Relatively a new platform but very flexible because of the features it offers. You can easily transfer funds from Mpesa to other platforms or even your bank account.