5 things you need to know about vortex pumps


You must choose the right high pressure pumps seattle wa for your job in all plumbing applications to get the desired outcome. When selecting the right pump, it’s worth matching the impeller type to the nature of the fluid you’re planning to pump. In cases where large solids or viscous media are being handled, you should consider screw impeller and vortex impeller centrifugal pumps: we’ve put together some things you need to know about vortex pumps if you’re a beginner.

Useful for high-pressure requirements

Perhaps one of the reasons why engineers choose vortex pumps is because they’re used when high pressures are required, specifically in water treatment or oil and gas production situations. Vortex pumps do exactly what they say on the tin: create a vortex in fluid, and the recessed impeller is positioned away from the path of the liquid, allowing solids and gases to pass without direct contact with the rotor. This makes it a sensible option when liquids contain solids or gases, offering decisive pumping action with high horsepower.

Great maintenance

Another reason to consider a vortex pump is its non-clogging design, making them far less likely to be blocked by other pumps. It’s important to note, however, that this can make them less efficient. Your pump might vibrate less than other pumps as they don’t induce pulsating pressures, which means they wear better, reducing costs. 

Cheaper than screw impeller pumps

Although screw impeller pumps can be cheaper to operate when properly installed and optimised, they require a higher initial investment than vortex pumps. Therefore, businesses may favour vortex alternatives as they have a lower unit cost per product, especially in cases where engineers and technicians are looking to maximise their profits.

Carry slurries

Finally, it’s worth noting that vortex pumps are designed to pump thick, fibrous slurries and are engineered to pump them without the common clogging issues that regularly plague centrifugal pumps. Although some contractors will choose to thin down their slurry below the mulch manufacturers’ recommended mix ratio to avoid these issues, vortex slurry pumps mean that you don’t need to think about thinning down slurry and can instead pump it away. They’re more time efficient and ensure your business operates in a way that makes sense.

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