7 Essential Items to Bring In a Shared Workspace


A shared workspace may not come with all the essentials that you desire in your ideal work environment. They are not all created equal since different companies have different offerings. There are some items that are not provided that you’ll have to get on your own. Some items may be necessities, while others may simply be for your comfort. Let’s look at some of the essentials that you may need to settle into your new workspace.

1. Your Laptop

The most important item to pack will be your laptop, be it a Mac or PC. This is an item that you’ll likely depend on a great deal to do your work and communicate with clients. Double-check to ensure that you packed a compatible charger, or a backup battery and any external storage devices that are important for smooth sailing.

2. Headphones

Even in a shared workspace, there can be a distraction, such as unwanted noise. Having headphones handy when you need to buckle down and work, or simply want to drown out white noise can help you to focus and be productive. Not all coworking members will be mindful and keep the noise down, which is the reason to never leave your headphone behind. Be ready to tune out the distractions and pour your attention into your work by being prepared for the unexpected.

3. Cell Phone Charger

Your shared rental studio place may not provide access to a telephone and your cellphone will likely be your primary mode of communication. You may use your cell to not only make calls but to do videos as well. Heavy use can drain your battery, and as such, you want to have your charge with you to prevent ending up with a dead phone when you need to make or receive important calls. Communication is key in business and you need to have your communication tool ready at all times.

4. Personal Items

Depending on your plan, if you have a desk, you may want to add a personal touch and have some inspiration around to keep you motivated. Pack a special item, which could be a family photo or a picture of your dog. Sometimes it helps to just have something close that you love that can help you get through those tough days. You can add a touch of color to brighten up your space or a potted plant to keep your mood in check and keep you relaxed. More importantly, make your space you and keep it fun, yet professional.

5. Business cards

The shared workspace is an environment that fosters networking opportunities. Since you cannot predict when you’ll meet someone that may be interested in collaborating with you or direct some business to you, have business cards ready to share. A missed opportunity could be a life-changing one.

6. Outerwear

A workspace that is managed by someone else other than yourself can have fluctuating temperatures or be a little chilly for comfort. It doesn’t hurt to walk with a light sweater or jacket, especially during the colder months. You should be comfortable in your workspace and if you can help to make that happen, be proactive.

7. Bring Snacks

Some shared workspaces may provide coffee and snack items, it may not be what you like. Pack your favorite snack, be it pretzels or chips. If you are a healthy snack person, grab an apple or some baby carrots. Stack up on whatever makes you happy.

A shared workspace may provide specific amenities, but you will need to take some essential items of your own. Your laptop is perhaps the most essential item to pack. Don’t forget your chargers and do remember to grab your headphones. Personalize your space with pictures and plants and have business cards, light outerwear and snacks handy.