9 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Buying a Car Insurance


Purchasing a car is hard enough for some people. There are just so many options. Imagine having to go through all possible PA insurance agencies as well just so you can get the best auto insurance for your vehicle. It is important for you to know what you are purchasing, however, when you are shopping for insurance policies. The wrong choice can cost you too much money in the long run, or not enough coverage when the situation calls for it. Below are the top mistakes to avoid.

Getting the Minimum Coverage

The minimum coverage will not be sufficient if you ever find yourself in a big car crash. Your monthly could be more expensive than the benefits you are receiving. It’s similar to purchasing the cheapest item in the store even if you don’t really need it. Look through what PA insurance agencies have to offer and try to get their mid- to high-tier policies for coverage that is worth your money.

Failing to Update Coverage

Comfort zones are nice little places to stay in if you are afraid of change. However, policy offerings vary from year to year. You might not be getting the most out of your money unless you explore other options. Never stop shopping around for better policies. You don’t always have to change PA insurance agencies. Sometimes, it’s all a matter of getting another type of coverage or a slightly more expensive one with better coverage.

Blindly Purchasing Any Policy

Do not purchase any policy without looking at other options or knowing exactly what you are entitled to claim. Familiarizing yourself with the policy will save you a lot of time and energy once you must make claims. If you are familiar with your rights as a policyholder, you’ll be better armed once you talk to your agency.

Lying about your Driving History

Never lie. You might get a nod from your agent while you are detailing your immaculate driving history, but they’re bound to realize that something is wrong with it. If they investigate and they find you lying about your driving history, you will have to pay for it once they decide on your monthly fees. Liars are high-risk clients and they’re going to make sure they have enough protection from you if they take you on.

Not Studying Deductibles

You could be a low-risk driver who can enjoy high deductibles, pay low monthly fees but also have lower coverage, or be a high-risk driver with low deductibles, higher premiums and better coverage. You need to look into your payment and coverage options.

Not Comparing

You must always compare regularly. Always try to see what other companies are offering. This way, when you shortlist your PA insurance agencies, you know you are looking at the ones with the best insurance policy offerings.

Getting Overwhelmed by Jargon

Every industry has its own set of complicated tag words. Do not ever be intimidated by this. Intimidation can cost you a lot of money. Instead, learn to ask. It is your agent’s job to make things easier for you. If your agent is not making your policy easy to understand, drop it. It is imperative that you understand the ins and outs of the policy you are purchasing.

Not Checking Reviews

Sometimes, policies can look very good on paper but the agency itself is not very good to its clients. If you fear that you are getting into a deal that is too good to be true, take a client’s word for it. Ask people’s experiences with making claims with the company. Read forums. On a general note, forums are more credible than the own company’s testimonials page.

Only Checking the Price

Don’t be blinded by the low price of any insurance premium. Sometimes, the premium is low because the coverage they are offering is also minimal. Sometimes, you pay for the reputation of a more stable and better-known insurance company. Weight everything and go for value, not price tag.

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