A significant note on Crypto exchange!



  • Bitcoin or Virtual currency is the only currency which does not have any centralized controlling authority.
  • It was started in 2009 till from that day it still continuous and now bitcoin is so much popular online and in fact its stable from last year till now.
  • Current bitcoin estimated value is 650US dollars and it keeps FLUCTUATING because there is no centralized authority to control.
  • If two individuals have same interest so they can invest in bitcoin and trade through it.
  • Buy bitcoins do not have any backup from bank or government. There is no middleman in two individual’s trade.




While the title may seem a little puzzling and amusing at the same time, you might want to know what it exactly is. Is there a mine for all of thiswhere you could go to earn some of your own? Well, yes, (and it doesn’t involve using a pickaxe and getting in dirt) but there’s a catch:

  • Directly purchase online at dollars price.
  • It will be stored in ELECTRONIC form.
  • The bitcoin market value increase or decrease is own risk factor.
  • You can also trade through same value of commodity or any goods which matches the bitcoin value.
  • Only fixed numbers of bitcoin can only be there in the market.
  • In future there will be no bitcoin because of limited numbers of bitcoins available in the market.
  • It’s not a stable currency.
  • In many place bitcoins are unrecognized currency and can’t be accepted as Crypto Exchange of goods.
  •  The online transaction of bitcoin has full transparency.
  • Bitcoin cannot be recovered in any case of cheating, or loss of wallet.



Bitcoin or virtual currency is not safe because it is not regulated or controlled by any authority, it’s a virtual currency whose market values keeps fluctuating it can be super high or low. Bitcoin can also be mine through strong computers. Bitcoin also knows as CRYPTOCURRENCY. Bitcoin is not safe to put our hand in it is banned in our country because our government do not trust such cryptocurrency which are not safe. Although it’s a very high rated currency which can actually bring development in our economy due to no backup reason nobody had trusted this currency otherwise it’s a very good currency to invest in. There should be authority for bitcoin also, so we can discover new things new currency and get to know more about it. Bitcoins are transparent it can only be seen virtually. It provides clean sheet to virtual transaction made by individuals who have their interest in it.