Australian forex brokers: which one is better?


Forex Trading is rich in benefits and that’s why a lot of traders decide to invest in currency pairs. We all know that it’s a chaotic but profitable market: we can take profit thanks to the volatility and liquidity of these kinds of assets.

The first step to investing properly is the choice of the right broker. So, if you are looking for the best australian forex brokers, that’s the right place. We are going to show you professional and regulated trading platforms: the only way to have a good experience in the matter.

Australian Forex broker: how to choose the best one?

If you are an australian trader looking for a good forex trading course service, you need to know how you can choose the right one. First of all, we recommend everyone to select only ASIC brokers: this means that trading with a regulated platform is the only way to feel safe and protected by scams. If you want to verify if a broker is certified by ASIC, you just have to visit their website and check for his society: usually, every platform has a license number.

Another important characteristic is the opportunity to trade with AUD currency, so you don’t have to worry about fees and charges for currency conversion. In the end, we all know that best brokers offer constant support and free advanced tools to make your Forex experience a profitable and satisfying one.


One of the best platforms of the moment is FP MARKETS: a regulated australian forex broker.

He started in 2005, but this ECN broker is still appreciated by every type of trader. In fact, FP MARKETS offers competitive spreads and a minimum deposit of 100 AUD: that’s how much importance the broker gives to small traders and retail investors.

You can also choose a platform: WebTrader or IRESS. The second one is the easiest one if you are not an expert in trading. In the end, FP Markets is known for the high-quality and fast executions for his users: you can start with a free account to check if his services could really satisfy you.


Avatrade is an international Forex broker who has a lot of users who are attracted by a regulated and free fee platform. In fact, he proposes a high-performance technology platform used by traders from all the continents: so Avatrade has been able to become one of the most valued Forex brokers.

If you want to open an account, the minimum deposit is only 100 AUD and you really need to know another advantage of this trading platform: you can trade on Forex with fixed and accessible spreads.

The best characteristic of Avatrade is the presence of trading courses and training material: naturally, the access is free for platform’s users. Actually, there are so many traders who believe that’s is a real help to optimize your Forex activity.

3-Vantage FX

Vantage FX is an experienced and trusted Forex broker. He’s one of the most revolutionary brokers of the time: you can trade in 150 markets, with a wide choice of currency pairs and an interesting list of best cryptocurrencies.

You can start trading with a spread that starts from 0 pips and a leverage up to 500:1: this means that Vantage FX could be the right option even for beginners Forex traders. Opening an account is really fast and easy; you just have to deposit 200 AUD to trade as a professional investor using MetaTrader and trying to improve your skills.


The last australian forex broker that we want you to present is EasyMarkets, really appreciated even because it offers a multi-award winning platform. So, we are talking about a trusted and globally known Forex broker.

You can start with a minimum deposit of 200 AUD. The next step is select the best currency pairs for your investment’s plan: there are 120 forex pairs with low spread and 0 fees.

EasyMarkets wanted to make Forex trading an accessible activity; for that reason users look pleased using his services every time they want to take benefits from financial markets.