Automation To Enhance Service Delivery In Trucking Firms


Technological advancement has blessed enormous capabilities for the trucking industry. It won’t be so long before we begin seeing self-driving cars on roads. However, before this dream comes true, we should have a word on the different ways of technology that trucking firms will take on. Because more and more carriers use cutting-edge technology to automate such activities, we need to stay up to date and provide our consumers with excellent services. North America logistics are here to help you out.

Introduce Autonomous Vehicle Technology (AVT)

Have you ever heard about this concept,” Autonomous Vehicle Technology (AVT)”, it is the same equipment found in cars? AVT can be categorized into five major levels:

  • Driver-Assist: As the name depicts, the car can assist with certain things like lane assistance and cruise control, but a driver has all the control.
  • Partial Automation: The vehicle can perform other automatic functions, such as emergency braking and parking areas identification.
  • Conditional Automation: The car regulates itself when there is too much traffic on the road or bad weather.
  • High Automation: The driver controls the vehicle, but the car functions separately in a variety of geographical areas.
  • Fuel Automation: the car is fully automatic at this phase. No human input is required and can be operated without a driver. t the moment, there are only prototypes available that provide this level of control.

How does technology affect The Trucking Industry?

Many types of research are still underway on how Lorries can integrate the last two phases of AV technology to improve their safety and efficiency carrying goods. It does not mean that trucks are running on their own, but that automatic equipment will be ready to perform critical tasks such as braking in cases of emergency.

In reality, we have collaborated with trucking companies using automated technology such as lane guidance to improve security. Truck drivers can stick to their ways with this technology and adjust only when it is necessary. This helps to reduce truck crash risk and to ensure that our drivers stayed safe on the roads.

AV technology has made truck drivers more efficient. Driving these heavy Lorries is sometimes exhausting, but technology makes it a lot easier for drivers. Automation has made it easier for lorry drivers to drive faster, thus taking fewer breaks, which lower the average driving times. Drivers who spend less on the road would have more opportunities to communicate with their families and friends.