Can Autism Computer Programs Make a Positive, Long-Term Impact?


According to one recent study conducted by the CDC, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is diagnosed at a rate of approximately 1 in 59 children in the United States every year. Research has also indicated that early intervention can not only improve communication and social skills, but also learning and underlying brain development as well. This, in essence, is why autism computer programs are so important. Experts agree that a multidisciplinary approach to treatment is always recommended in these cases, and computer therapy is among the most important for a host of reasons that are certainly worth exploring.

The Power of Modern Technology

Experts agree that autistic children often achieve greater levels of success with computer-based learning because they have an easier time focusing visually on material illustrated on a computer or tablet than they do learning via other means. Software is often both predictive and repetitive, which can certainly help an autistic child retain essential information.

Hardware is also a key consideration when discussing these programs, but it too has been addressed via the evolution of technology taking place all around us. In the past, certain autistic children may have had a hard time using mice or other peripherals. With tablets, however, everything can be handled via a touchscreen interface – thus improving the success of those lessons and increasing engagement across the board.

Likewise, software that falls into this category is valuable because it is in many ways every bit as malleable as the kids themselves are. There are hundreds of different types of software that parents, and educators can choose from depending on the situation, all of them with their own unique focus. There are programs that can assist in language training, speech development, reading, attention, focusing, social skills and more – thus allowing them to break free from the myth of the “one size fits all” approach to instruction to craft lessons that are optimized for the child in question.

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The SKILLS for Autism Approach

At SKILLS for Autism, we believe in the major benefits that autism computer programs and similar resources bring to families all over the world. At its core, the Skills platform was designed to be an intuitive and comprehensive way to administer effective, research-based teaching plans to a diverse group of students with a host of unique special needs among them.

Skills is an innovative opportunity to identify every skill a child needs across the entire range of human functioning, spanning from infancy through adolescence and everything in between. To find out more information about the true power of autism computer programs, or to learn more about the Skills platform, please don’t delay – contact us today.