Cyber Security Threats for The Manufacturing Sectors


Nowadays, cyber security threats have become real threats and even the manufacturing companies are also getting such attacks.

Not only the threats are limited just within stolen intellectual property, but also few infiltrations are taking place where manufacturing process also been altered without any knowledge of the production managers.

Most of the cyber security breach are taking place among the small business companies, where there may not be any full-fledged IT department available.

Therefore, keeping in view of such increasing cyber threats, it has become very important to have mature cybersecurity practice and get all your employees aware of such threats so that you can reduce such risks of cybersecurity breaches.

Following are few cyber security threats that most of the manufacturing companies must be aware of and take necessary guard.

Identity theft

Most of us are aware of identity theft, where the hacker may steal your social security number and can easily do bank frauds or apply loans based on your stolen identity.

In the manufacturing sectors too, hackers may break into the database of any company and can easily practice the identity theft.


In this kind of threat, the hacker may send certain emails which may look very genuine by using a letter head of any branded company and try to steal the password and many sensitive information about the company.

Usually such kinds of emails can easily be identified as they usually address by using the greetings like “Dear valued customer.”

Spear phishing

This kind of spear phishing is very highly targeted phishing which may only address any particular important person of the manufacturing company in certain department.

Such kind of targeted messages can be little more specialized and which is very relevant to recipient too. They may be asked to log in certain website and provide little information.


Sending spam messages are also another very annoying thing that most of us must know. This can reduce the productivity of any manufacturing company.

A typical example where an industrial plant used to get almost 12,000 numbers of spam messages everyday and the IT team needed to manually sort them out that used to take more than an hour to resolve.

Compromised webpages

Here the hacker will take full control of the website of the company and put misleading information to fool the customers of the company.

They may also install certain dangerous files in the website that can damage the reputation of the company severely.