How Boltless Racking System Increases Facility Safety


Safety is one of the most crucial aspects of warehouse storage. You need a racking system that keeps your items intact to avoid damage to the property and injuries to the workers. Any occurrence of a safety breach can be expensive to the company. 

The accidents and other safety issues cost the company as you have to spend more time replacing the damaged goods. Some clients might miss their deliveries leading to poor customer satisfaction. To avoid the concerns, most businesses rely on boltless racking systems for their warehouse storage. Here are the ways the boltless system ensures facility safety.

  • Product visibility 

One of the common causes of accidents in warehouses is lack of visibility. A warehouse without proper lighting is the same as sorting items in a dark room. Without proper sight, the one handling the items is likely to miss the right position of placement. 

A boltless racking system makes sit easy to place or pick items. The racking system comes with an open dark that allows light to pass through the aisles of the warehouse. The workers hence don’t have to spend much time trying to identify the item they need. This also helps improve the company’s productivity. 

  • Strength 

The boltless racking system is one of the most popular storage systems in warehouses dealing with heavy products. Most of the boltless racking component is made of steel that can withstand much weight and pressure.

One of the most common causes of shelf damage is the collision from the forklifts and other machines. A damaged racking system then compromises the safety of the warehouse as the items can fall at no time. Even the damages that seem insignificant can quickly escalate. However, with the strong boltless racking system, you don’t have to worry about the damage from forklifts. 

  • Customization 

The various businesses require different storage facilities. As such, there is never one fit-all for all the warehouses. To meet your specific needs, you can rely on the boltless racking system. 

The boltless shelving allows you to set up the system depending on your company’s needs. You can easily order the specific storage shelves from Boltless Rack Malaysia that matches your business profile. The shelves you receive will match your warehouse space, the weight of the loads as you desire. The ability to customize ensures you don’t compromise on any storage aspect that might impact safety. 

  • Cleanliness 

Even though not given much consideration, the cleanliness of your warehouse determines its safety. A dusty and poorly lit warehouse impacts visibility and item handling. The boltless racking shelves allow free air purchase to avoid trapping dust on the stored items. The system comes fitted with chrome finishes that are easy to clean and ensure safety.

Safety is the basis for every storage facility. Safe storage ensures productivity and the long-term operations of the business. If you are after the safety of your workplace, then boltless shelving is the best storage facility. It ensures product visibility, strength, customization, and cleanliness.