How to choose a logo color


Did you know that colors play a huge role in business and psychology? Color psychology is an extremely passionate topic that describes how colors affect our daily lives. It turns out that they affect a great many factors, although we are not often aware of this. Choosing the right colors is important not only in clothing, home decor, or a choice of accessories. Equally important is their psychology in business, so if you need a logo for your company, choose the right color scheme. We’ll show you what the most important colors in business symbolize. 

What is a logo

A logo is a unique graphic mark, a stylized inscription, or some kind of distinctive graphic expression used to advertise and distinguish a brand, business, or organization from its competitors. Due to its nature, it is an extremely important and necessary marketing tool. After all, a well-designed logo not only contributes to the recognition of the company and the products and services it offers in the market but also constitutes a key element of the visual identity of a given organization.

If you need a logo for your business, it is worth using a modern tool such as Turbologo logo creator. Given the name of your business, as well as the industry you work in, artificial intelligence will suggest the most interesting options specifically for you. This will give you a lot of choices not only in terms of the shape of the logo but also its color scheme.

Color meanings

Did you know that color in business has a unique power that affects the subconscious of the recipient? Just the choice of color in a logo can tell your customer a lot about the company they are dealing with. The psychology of colors in business is of great importance in branding, i.e. the creation of your brand image. For this reason, it is worth learning what the most common colors in logos symbolize. 

The color red

Red is a color that we associate with energy, activity, passion, and love. In the context of business, it can give people a clear call to action, although it is worth using with caution. After all, an excess of red can be overwhelming to a potential recipient. If you want to show your business energy, limit the use of red to emphasize certain elements in your logo/ It is better that it is not the dominant color in your logo.

The color yellow

Yellow color in business psychology is responsible for stimulation, creativity, as well as knowledge. For this reason, experts recommend using it in logos for companies that deal with education and science. Businesses that want to catch the attention of their customers are equally keen on the color yellow. No wonder that in combination with red it is so often used in logos by fast-food restaurant chains. 

The color green

Green symbolizes nature, peace, and tranquility, but also money (about the US dollar). The most common use of the color green is by businesses that touch on:

  • vegetarianism;
  • veganism;
  • environmental protection;
  • natural products.

It is also common to see green in the context of healthy lifestyles or alternative medicine. Dark green is great for companies in the financial sector, while light shades can be used in the sports industry.

The color blue

Shades from blue to navy blue are perhaps the most common colors in business. There is usually stability and depth behind them, but blue is also a symbol of professionalism, stoicism, and striving. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the use of blue in a logo can symbolize conservative views. Not only in political terms, but as many traditional communications, technology, IT, or computer companies are also reaching for the color. Lighter shades can be associated with water and relaxation, while darker blue is synonymous with seriousness and determination. 

The color black

Black does not at all have to be associated with sadness, mourning, and gloom. This color is a symbol of luxury, elegance, and sophistication, which is why modern companies and corporations are eager to use it. For interesting logo ideas, the color black in combination with gold or silver works great. In truth, any color goes with it, hence it is easy to combine different symbols within a single logo.

The color white

White primarily symbolizes cleanliness and hygiene. If your business is characterized by tranquility, simplicity, and organization, the color white in a corporate logo is a good choice. However, it is worth being careful, as other meanings of white rub off:

  • coldness;
  • distance;
  • lack of interest.

Perhaps it’s better to leave it as the background of your website and opt for more attractive colors in your business branding. 

How to choose a logo color

Before choosing a suitable logo color, we should, first of all, analyze such aspects as:

  • type of service (company website, blog, store, news portal, etc.);
  • target, that is, to whom it will be addressed (gender, age, social group, etc.);
  • the message, keynote, and motto (for example, a company selling organic food);
  • specifics of a given industry;
  • evoking a given reaction/mood in the viewer.

Choosing the right color scheme for the design of a logo, website or other advertising is not an easy thing. A given color can encourage purchase, warn, increase alertness, or vice versa – such as calming. Your task is to choose colors in such a way that they both correspond well to the purpose of the site and fulfill their psychological functions (e.g. to inspire trust or encourage the purchase of a particular product).


Already knowing the importance of colors in business, it’s time to prepare your logo, right? Take advantage of Turbologo unique logo creator, which will allow you to choose the right shape and colors for your brand branding.