How To Go About Choosing A Used Photocopier


Online technologies like e-commerce, social media and other online tools have made it easier for businesses to be more productive. Despite the late 20th-century predictions that the internet would bring about a “paperless office”, many business owners and staff still use traditional tools like photocopiers and printers every day. A reliable and fast photocopier is essential for all your office needs. Although these machines have improved in recent years, they can still be very expensive – especially if something goes wrong.

You can buy photocopiers used for a fraction of their original price, or rent them from Nationwide Copiers if you have the need. What should you look for in a used photocopier? Before you make any investment, let’s look at this topic in greater detail.

A second-hand photocopier can bring you more revenue for your business.

A second-hand photocopier can offer many unique benefits. The biggest is the substantial cost savings that you’ll enjoy. These are often less than half of the price of a new copier.

These and other benefits are worth keeping in mind:

Get 50% off or More

Same guarantee

Similar running costs

Similar features

Is this a new copier?

How many copies does it have?

What warranty and service agreement does this machine come with?

What are its special features?

Is it refurbished?

Let’s get to the point. A second-hand photocopier will be half the cost of a new one, which means you’ll have more money to expand your business.

Nationwide Copiers offers the same warranty on all second-hand copiers that are refurbished and sold. This gives you confidence that your investment (albeit smaller) will be well worth it with reliable and efficient service. You’ll pay the same price as for a new photocopier for your service agreement, which is a great deal for both you and your company! Our machines are typically less than 12 months old so wear and tear should be minimal. This means that running costs will not be as high as a new copier. We stock only the best brands like Canon, Kyocera and Ricoh, which are built to last. Nationwide Copiers machines are typically less than one-year old. This is another benefit. Click here to find out more.

What is the difference between new and second-hand?

The secrets that other printing companies won’t tell you. Nationwide Copiers is open about selling many second-hand photocopiers and printers. However, some other suppliers of office equipment and printing supplies can be less transparent with the public. Many machines will be sold that are older than they promise, even “new” copiers that have been used only a few times. This is called “copy count” in the industry. Some companies will offer a 3-month warranty on second-hand machines that have not been fully refurbished. Some competitors may use parts from old machines. We fully refurbish used copiers so you can be sure of reliable performance.

Are you looking for a used photocopier to buy?

You’ve now done the math and realized the benefits of buying a used photocopier instead of purchasing one new. The copier’s age is a key factor. It will experience more wear and tear. You should look for a machine less than 12 months old. The “copy count” indicates how many photocopies have been made by the machine in the past. The less wear and tear, the lower the copy count.


Another important question to ask is “What warranty do you offer?”. Many copier resellers only offer a 3-month warranty. To give you more peace of mind, you should ask for a 12-month warranty. A freestanding unit is best for high volumes of copying. A smaller, desktop unit will be sufficient for occasional copying.

It is important to check whether a photocopier used has been refurbished. If so, find out the warranty information, when and why it was done, and how easy it can be repaired.