How to Make a Map Chart in Excel?


It’s possible to use a map graph to evaluate values and reveal categories across geographic areas. Use it when you’ve geographical areas on your information, such as countries/regions, countries, counties or postal codes.

Notice: This feature is available on Windows or Mac if you’ve Office 2019, or when you’ve got a Microsoft 365 subscription.

It is possible to obtain a workbook with various map graph illustrations such as those in this report.

Display Values vs. CategoriesCreate a Map graph with Data Forms

Map graphs are becoming much simpler with geography info types. Simply enter a list of geographical values, such as nation, state, county, town, postal code, etc, then choose your listing and go to the Data tab > Data Types > Geography.

Excel will automatically convert your data to some geography data form, and will comprise properties pertinent to this information which it is possible to show in a map graph. In the next example, we have converted a listing of nations to geography data forms, then chosen the Tax revenue (%) field in the Insert Column management to use in our map.

Now it is time to make a map graph, so pick any cell within the data collection, then go to the Insert tab Charts > Notifications > Filled Map.

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Formatting your site graph

As soon as your map graph was created it is easy to adjust its layout. Click here on the map then select from the Chart Layout or Format tabs at the ribbon. It is also possible to double-click the graph to start the Format Object Task Pane, which will show up on the right side side of the Excel window.

This may also expose the map graph specific Series choices (see below).

Find out More about Formatting Map Graphs .

Map projections – Change the map projection mode. By default, Excel will display the most effective style.

Map area – Change the map Zoom degree, which ranges from a state/province perspective, all of the way into the world perspective.

Map tags – Display geographical titles on your countries/regions. Choose to reveal names based on match, or reveal all labels.

There’s a known problem where Map Charts that make usage of Geography Data Types can occasionally map incorrectly. Please try to add Admin Fields, for example Province or Country if trying to plot these before the issue is fixed. I hope you like reading this article.