How to Select and Effectively Apply an Oscillator


With numerous different types and configurations of oscillator to take into consideration when building a specialist system, a great deal of research is often required when it comes to selecting the correct model.

Luckily, the team of crystal oscillator manufacturers at Euroquartz has extensive experience of providing specialist equipment and custom-building components to meet the needs of each individual client. Here, they’ve created a basic guide to help you as you browse through the available products and choose the correct configuration for you.

H2: What is the Exact Purpose of the Oscillator?

Oscillators can be employed for a variety of reasons. Before you start to look into the models that are available, you must first research which is best for the application you require.

Most commonly, oscillators are used in

  • Timers and clocks
  • Alarms and buzzers
  • Microprocessors and micro-controllers
  • Signal generators (for radio communications)
  • Entertainment, such as decorative or moving lights

Oscillators work on different frequencies depending on their designated use. Once you are aware of the frequency you require for your intended oscillator, you can then search for a model that matches.

You will also need to understand whether the frequency dependent network through which your oscillator or oscillators will function is inductor-capacitor (LC) or resistor-capacitor (RC).

Furthermore, you’ll need to take into consideration the type of resonator required within your configuration. Quartz oscillators, surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are the most common types of resonator, but you should also consider the benefits of others for your purposes before you decide. As the name suggests, Euroquartz are specialists in the quartz oscillator, but we may also provide other types of configuration to an extremely high standard, including custom designs.

H2: Under What Conditions Will the Oscillator Operate?

Almost every aspect of the performance of oscillators can be selected to work to optimum levels in a variety of different conditions. For example, if your oscillators will be functioning in an environment that experiences extremes of temperature, you may require an oven-controlled OCXO oscillator, while an SO oscillator is best when it comes to handling shock or vibration.

When you start the process of selecting your oscillators, it’s vitally important to take things into account in order for your system to work as effectively as possible. If in doubt, you can always ask one of the specialists at Euroquartz.

H2: Do You Require Any Other Features or Capabilities?

Remember, your options are not necessarily limited by the range shown online. If you have a request for custom-built configurations or components, Euroquartz can help you.

If you are still unsure about which oscillators to choose for your purposes, speak to one of the specialist crystal oscillator manufacturers at Euroquartz today.

With over thirty years of experience in supplying specialist solutions, technologies and components to the aerospace, defence, medical, electrical engineering and telecommunications industries, we’ll be sure to help you select the oscillator that will perform best for you. You can contact us on 01460 230 000 or make an enquiry through our site. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.