How to select the most effective regular savings plan in Singapore


Regular savings plans are a great way to save and invest money in Singapore. Regular savings plans allow individuals to make monthly contributions towards certain investments, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. You can also choose to invest in different industries such as technology, healthcare and real estate. If you’re interested in property investments, check out RealVantage. As the investments grow over time, this can benefit those looking for long-term wealth-building and financial security. In addition, the tax benefits associated with regular savings plans are advantageous when planning for the future.

Consider your goals and investment timeline

Before selecting a regular savings plan, consider your goals and desired timeline. Are you looking for short-term or long-term investments? Do you want stable returns, or are you willing to take on some risk in exchange for potentially higher returns? Depending on your answers, different options are available to better suit your needs. For example, investing in stocks may be more suitable than bonds if you want higher returns but with more risk.

Research the types of plans offered

Once you know your goals and timeline, the next step is to research the different regular savings plans available. In Singapore, various options exist from banks, insurance companies and brokers like Saxo Singapore. Each offers its benefits and drawbacks regarding fees, taxation rules and investment choices. Before selecting a plan, it is essential to compare it to others to determine which one best fits your needs.

Understand associated costs

One major factor to consider when selecting a regular savings plan is associated costs. Different plans may charge different rates for managing investments and executing trades. Understanding these costs before committing to a particular plan is essential to ensure you get the most value for your money. Furthermore, it is essential to understand any associated taxes and how they may impact your returns.

Look for additional features

When selecting a regular savings plan, it is also essential to consider the additional features available. It can include online access, mobile apps, and advice from financial professionals. Having these options can make managing your investments much easier and more convenient. Some plans may offer discounts or promotions when investing in certain assets or products.

Read reviews

It is essential to read reviews of the plans you are considering before making a final decision. By reading what other investors have experienced with the plan, you will better understand its performance over time. It is also beneficial to look for complaints or concerns other investors raise. It will help you make an informed decision and select the most effective regular savings plan in Singapore.

Why should traders invest in a regular savings plan?

While there are risks to opening a regular savings plan, there are several reasons to invest in one. Investors should familiarise themselves with these before investing to ensure they know the potential returns and risks associated with their chosen plan.

It is a convenient way to make regular investments

Regular savings plans are an easy and convenient way to make regular investments without worrying about timing the market. As deposits are made monthly or quarterly, investors can benefit from dollar-cost averaging, which helps them spread their risk over time while taking advantage of growth opportunities.

Tax benefits

Another benefit of investing in a regular savings plan is tax advantages. Depending on the plan’s terms, some investments may be eligible for Singapore’s income tax reliefs and allowances. It can lower overall costs and increase returns over time.

Potential for higher returns

Investing in stocks through a regular savings plan allows investors to benefit from the potential for higher returns compared to other savings accounts. It can be especially advantageous for investors looking for long-term growth and with a relatively high-risk tolerance.

Access to professional advice

Many regular savings plans offer access to financial professionals who can provide guidance and assistance with making informed decisions. It is especially beneficial for inexperienced investors or those new to the stock market.


Regular savings plans are typically flexible and allow investors to choose the amount of money they want to allocate to their investments. It can help ensure you are comfortable with the risk involved while allowing you to take advantage of potential gains.