Is It Expensive to Use a Cryptomixer


Bitcoin and other currencies are the trends of presence and future. They are easy to store and use, only increase in value, and are totally secure. Still, the level of security relies not on the currency or wallet you use solely. It’s about whether you exploit the good crypto mixer, counting BitMix, or not. It takes your coins, mixes them with the crypto money of other users, and grants you with a pack in return that cannot be tracked down for the sake of anonymity and security.

Looks like a useful tool. Still, some crypto payers hesitate about the service because they don’t want to waste extra money. So, let’s look closer to discover the mixer’s fees and get to know whether it is worth it.


Most cryptocurrency mixers have similar fees. For example, BitMix offers the subsequent prices:

  • Bitcoin and Dash transactions have fees of between 0.4% and 4% plus mining fees of 0.0003 per output address
  • Litecoin operations are charged a little bit more, between 2% and 20% plus mining fees of 0.0003 per output address.

You need also to mind that the range of mixing operations is 0.007 and 1000BTC. You are not allowed to mix the currency below or above limits.


Luckily, there are not only the fees the crypto mixer customer is charged with but generous bonuses as well. The most spread one is the referral bonus. This means that you can earn from inviting your friends to use the service. And you can benefit even more, earning the rates from every operation your referred friend makes via the service.

Overall, a trustworthy mixing service will allow you to stay safe with any crypto operation for a reasonable price and earn some extra money for being an active customer.