My City: Bank


In today’s society children are curious about the things that they see. It is better to teach them each and every thing that they want to know in an interesting way. That will lead to develop the child. The game series of the My City offers you series of games that your child can play on different locations like hospital, school, at the wedding day, store etc. Sometimes children may want to know about the things happening in a bank too. For those children this game My City Bank apk of the My City game series is really useful. The game exactly represents an actual local bank in your city. If your kid is between ages 4 to 12 years then you can recommend this game for your child. No need to worry about the safety of the game while you are away from the child even. 

The game was developed for the educational purposes mainly and it offers so many things for the child. The knowledge together with the fun. This is a paid game which you can buy for around $3. But you can be satisfied with the knowledge and the fun it provides.

My City Bank Android Game

The game My City: Bank can be identified as a 2D dollhouse game. Through the game you can learn about the everyday life of the bank and the bank employees. The child will be able to get to know about each and every process that is going on the bank. Kids will be able to learn about the money and they will understand the value of the money even. Furthermore you will be able to identify the bank staff and also you will be able to understand different scopes of works done by each and every member. 

You will get a chance to explore your own city and you will face many adventures also. You can play anywhere as you wish on the locations like bank tellers, house of the bank manager, Secret Safe, bankers’ house etc. and also you will get opportunity to change the costumes of the game members as you wish. Moreover you can change the weather also as you wish. You can decide whether it should rain or snow or you can decide whether it is night time or the day time you want. You can have robbers and policeman in your My City: Bank if you want.

Kids you will get a chance to play with your peers at the houses of the rich bankers after the banking time even. There you will be able to have fun a lot. Totally you can control your bank in the city and you will get to explore many things through this wonderful game. You can learn to operate the photocopy machine and can know about the safety measures that you have to take in an emergency situation like getting robbed. And you will get opportunity to discover hideouts, gifts and more locations even.

I am certain that the kids will gain so many things through this fantastic game My City: Bank. Be quick and download this game and have some fun and knowledge also by dealing with the operations in a bank. You can download this game for free using AC Market. AC Market is also like Google play store where you can download any game or app for free.