NESTA and Spencer Institute Provide Solution for Fitness Professionals and Coaches Following COVID-19 Crisis


Life has gone topsy-turvy over the past six weeks. All are only talking about how did COVID-19 affects the fitness industry. The whole world is virtually under a lock-down. The fitness industry, unfortunately, has also been a victim for the right or wrong reasons. The need of the hour is for some organization to jump in.  And see that compromise over fitness with people who are also within four walls.

 Fitness and the coaching industry are down in the dumps as they struggle to reach their clients at their homes. But there is a solution provided by the  NESTA and Spencer Institute for a home office set-up for health and wellness coaches.

The  NESTA and Spencer Institute solution:

They offer an online course to the fitness professionals and coaches for a discounted price. It would enhance your knowledge on how to set up a gym at home or your garage and train your clients at their homes online.

NESTA and Spencer Institute course cost:

The course costs only $375.00 as onetime payment, and you would save $30.00. In case you opt for a staggered payment, you may have to pay $101.25 in four installments, but within three months, and the interval between payments cannot exceed thirty days. It includes a $30.00 processing fee too. You can appear for the exam only after you complete the full amount.

 The certification course is a combination of new techniques in marketing. It also includes state of the art sales and technology systems that have been experimented and endorsed by top trainers and professionals.

How does the Nesta and Spencer system work:


The main idea is to develop you Into personal trainers working from home, and Testa would train you to step by step. It would help you develop a gym and teach fitness training online. You would receive instructions on how to prepare fitness clients at home and follow your training sessions from home.

Benefits of the program:

  • You need not waste time traveling.
  • It would be more effective.
  • You can be with your family more than before.
  • You can decide on your convenient hours.
  • You will be satisfied with the thought of making others fit.
  • You can also choose when to work-out as it is your gym.



As described above, this is a significant plan. The idea is to avoid being hit by the crisis.