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Patrick Shin’s Rise To The Top Of The Hawaii General Contracting Industry


Patrick Shin, founder of Nan Inc., is a well-known figure in the Aloha State. Most of the people in Hawaii know Patrick Shin as a wealthy Hawaii general contractor and a popular philanthropist but only a handful knows how he reached this level. Nan Inc developed from a modest local construction company to one of the major firms winning government contracts every year. How, though, did he ascend to such prominence? The trip was rough. Let us start from the beginning.

Beginnings for Patrick Shin

It wasn’t simple for him to rise from obscurity to become a prominent figure in Hawaii’s public life. Patrick Shin’s birth name is Nan Chul Shin; however he was raised in South Korea. He eventually moved to the United States and changed his name to Patrick Shin. He felt that such a name was more in keeping with American norms. The rest of his family eventually joined him in the United States, and he found himself sharing a single-bedroom apartment with them. His ultimate goal was to settle in the United States. His desire eventually came through when he had the change to live with his older brother in New York to help him with his fish company.

Founded Nan Inc.

Patrick Shin’s life didn’t go how he had planned, however. Bowling Green State University awarded him a soccer scholarship while he was still a resident of New York, and he used this money to get a degree in business administration there.

There may have been a turning point here. Simply said, he can’t attend college without this. In Hawaii, he worked as a general laborer for a building firm for nearly two years after relocating there after finishing college. He must have liked construction a lot since after that he chose to start his own company. In 1990, he went solo and founded the construction firm Nan Inc. After 20 years, Patrick Shin, Nan Inc owner and creator, was in charge of Nan Inc., one of the most successful construction companies on Oahu, with over 500 employees.

In its first year of business, Nan Inc. was awarded a number of multimillion-dollar contracts. The building firm was a powerhouse in the hotel sector, winning contracts from prominent players like the Hilton. Nan Inc. became one of the major construction companies in Hawaii due to the support of the local community and businesses.

It’s always challenging to get those first handful of significant initiatives going. When word got out that we could actually fulfill orders (and quickly), the influx of new business began in earnest. From creating roads and highways to constructing civil utilities to erecting anti-terrorism structures, construction projects span the gamut from brand-new construction to restoration of historic structures to management of storage facilities and apartment complexes. The Bloomberg biography for Nan Inc. states that the company also offers design-build services. Nan Inc. grew into a major player in the construction industry by providing services in all of the aforementioned sectors. Patrick Shin hasn’t looked back since the day he achieved his first major accomplishment.