Read to Know More About Palletizing Equipment


If you have to deal with any strong, secure, and stable load then you must understand that these are critical characteristics of a palletized load. While arranging and securing containers or units on pallets is a science, palletizing may also be a type of materials handling art.

If the merchandise is going to disarrange, then it needs to be in a unit load that is simple to handle. Naturally, merchandise is constantly in motion and frequently travels extremely long distances before arriving at its destination.

However, getting it there is only half the battle; the other half is getting it to the customer in a desirable, marketable condition without any damage. Here then comes the importance of a certain pallet inverter supplied by a well-known material-handling equipment designer called Top Industries Inc.

Palletizing systems can be used in a variety of situations to load and unload a wide range of materials from pallets. Palletizers for bags are used specifically to put bags on pallets before shipping or storing them or to take them off after receiving a shipment.

Bag palletizers are frequently used to transport large amounts of cement and other heavy granular commodities. Drum palletizers can also carry out the same function as bag palletizers, but they transport drums as opposed to bags.

Types of palletizing equipment

The placement of their feed area distinguishes the 3 main forms of palletizing equipment:

  • Robotic palletizing equipment
  • High-level palletizing equipment
  • Low-level palletizing equipment.

High-level palletizing equipment is fed from a hopper overhead, while low-level palletizing equipment is fed from the ground. Both types of palletizing machinery accept the feed in a rolling motion and transfer it constantly to the pallets.

In contrast, robotic palletizers do not use a feeding space. Instead, they have an arm that picks up and places each item on the pallet one by one, lowering the possibility of product damage and worker harm.

Numerous choices of palletizing machinery are available, depending on specific demands. Palletizing equipment can be modified to accommodate a variety of stack patterns, slip sheet kinds, and wrapping configurations in addition to different speeds, capacities, feeding techniques, and sizes.

Palletizing equipment that is available for industrial applications is as follows:

  • Automatic palletizers
  • Articulated arm palletizers
  • In-line palletizer
  • Gantry palletizers
  • Manual palletizers
  • Row stripper palletizers
  • Robotic palletizers
  • SCARA palletizers
  • Vacuum-head palletizers
  • Semi-automatic palletizers

Benefits of using such palletizing equipment

Drum palletizers can be quite useful for chemical processors and many other businesses that handle huge number of drums.

Compared to human workers, they perfect for loading drums more rapidly and safely. Palletizing devices increase workplace safety by lowering the amount of difficult lifting that employees must perform. This results in a safe and efficient work environment.

Large amounts of products can be lifted and moved by palletizing equipment without wearing out or running the danger of damage.

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