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If you haven’t already, it’s time to do it. Google will increasingly tend to favor those sites suitable for online readability. Equipped with tools such asGoogle Analyticsand verifies the percentages of origin of the public, regarding the use of the device. If over 70% of visitors come from mobile, you provide them with a memorable and meaningful shopping experience.

Care about the internal blog

As mentioned at the beginning, a good content strategy is based on the assumption that you must first bring traffic, or at least create the conditions, and then sell. If you have no way or time to curate a blog, rely on someone who can write important, original and unique articles. If you bring on the site users interested in what you write, related to your product, it is very likely that they will buy directly from the site. Do you sell food by any chance? Write about the benefits of consuming them. Don’t stay passive. Use the eBay seller account and expect the best results.

Make personalized offers

The purpose of the business is to make money, but how can you think about doing it if you don’t know your clientele? Take an example from the savvy merchants, the shopkeepers of yore who knew how to sell to their best customers, ingratiating themselves with them and giving them a complete ebay sales experience. In business it often doesn’t matter what you sell, but how you sell, how this agreement impacts the buyer’s emotions.

Watch a real estate agent or car ebay salesman at work all their effort is focused on making the sale appear to be a disadvantage for themselves and an advantage for the customer. Through Google Analytics, Facebook and blog comments you can get an idea of ​​the type of customer you are dealing with. If you follow the first advice and generate an automatic list of contacts, you can skim among it by age groups, by place of origin, by loyalty to offers. Much depends on the type of information you collect at the start: the more you collect, the greater the chances in the future of presenting such personalized offers, that the customer will feel filled with care and concern. Not a little increasing the chances of selling.

Use simple, no-frills, but neat graphics

You know Amazon? It is the most important E-commerce in the world. The methods with which Amazon has increased its position in the market deserve a separate chapter, but if we look at the bone we realize that the site is very linear, simple, without frills. All user’s attention is focused on the product or product categories. In the foreground, find offers based on previous navigation, in order to obtain the maximum of personalization. The graphics are clean, linear, there are no disturbances anywhere. You navigate well between the categories. It is easy to buy.

Use reviews to increase social proof

One of the most used methods in commerce is Social proof, if everyone does one thing, obviously there must be something right. Have you ever noticed at the bar that the offer jars are made of glass and already contain money? They were placed by the bartender to entice people “to do the same”. The reviews serve to push this psychological mechanism: if many people bought a product and leave reviews to be just what I’m looking for. Furthermore, reviews help the buyer to orient himself when the choice between one or more products becomes delicate. Reviews help simplify the choice, strengthen word of mouth and increase social interaction within E-commerce.